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Questions Tagged 'Escape' (9 Questions Found)
Replies: 12
Tagged: Brazilian, Rainbow, Boa, Lost, Find, Escape
Zones: General Health
My problem falls under none of the given selections. Strangely enough whole I was making this profile one of my baby Brazilian Rainbow Boas escaped his feeding bin. (lucite shelves. I didn't realise there was clearance on the sides. I know,…

Replies: 29
Tagged: Cornsnake, Escape, Elaphe, Guttata, Security, Caging
Zones: Caging
I need some extreme idk how expensive corn snake lock down tips. help me out anyone?  bash on me, yell at me, idc, i just want some info so i can have more secure *small snake* enclosures

snake lost
Posted By: Justin S.
Replies: 8
Tagged: Escape
Zones: General Health, Knowledge Base
ok so my snake pulled an escape move on me. He is somewhere in my room, today is day three he has been missing. Does anybody know any special tricks to get him to come out of hiding? Please help

Replies: 35
Tagged: Escape, Missing, Lost
Zones: Knowledge Base
Okay, so, I tried to feed my 5.5 foot boa last night, he hasn't eaten in a month now. He was shedding so wasn't interested and now 3 weeks after his shed he still refuses.. Anyways, I tried last night, he didn't go for it..I wake up this…

Replies: 11
Tagged: Escape, Loose, Missing
Zones: Knowledge Base
I have a snake that has escaped and i cant find it anywhere,. I've looked under and between every furniture and anywhere that I think it could have gone in my apt. The problem is that it is about the size of a pencil and could have possibly gone…

Replies: 6
Tagged: Boa, Printer, Stuck, Escape
Zones: Caging
Apparently my, somewhat of a baby boa has gotton itself into a printer. (the HP officejet J6480 all-in-one if that helps). I'm not sure how long its been in there, and have no idea on how to get it out. Its in towards the back of the section where…

Replies: 11
Tagged: Ball, Python, Escape, Regius
Zones: Caging
help my uncle is an idiot when it come to reptiles . me and him bought a ball python a while ago . we made a deal the snake is both of ours but it will bee in his 50 gallon tank. welll the deal work out exept that the snake has escape twice once for…

Replies: 20
Tagged: Bci, Enclosures, Escape, Security
Zones: Caging, Caging Plans, Utensiles/Tools
Well I'v lost count of how many times Odin's escaped through the night, and now my puny ass isn't capable of removing his death grip he had on his tank while half out this time so he is conveniently hiding behind a 200something pound tank, under a…

Replies: 9
Tagged: Escape, Escaped, Kingsnake, Desertkingsnake
Zones: General Health
So some time last night my baby Desert Kingsnake escaped for the first time. Overnight I left out a mouse and his heat pad but I had no luck and the mouse was still there. (He ate recently before the escape) I have a pretty big house and he is only…
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