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Replies: 19
Tagged: Blood, Python, Frozen, Thawed, Feeding
Zones: Feeding
I've been feeding my borneo blood python pre-killed rats for the past 4 months that I've had him. I've been gradually trying to get him to take frozen-thawed, but he never went for them in the past. Tonight I tried, and he actually took the thawed…

Replies: 20
Tagged: Pinkys, Frozen, Thawed
Zones: General Health, Feeding, Digestive
ok, i bought two frozen pinkys because of the place being out of live ones. i brought them home, thawed the two and fed her one, then wasnt sure what to do so i stuck the other back in the freezer. if i were to thaw it out a second time will it be…

Replies: 12
Tagged: Mice, Ballpython, Frozen, Thawed
Zones: Feeding
Okay, so I am getting 2 new ball pythons tomorrow.  I have had snakes in the past and have always fed live.  But after seeing many good points online about feeding f/t I have decided to switch over.  I asked the breeder, and he…

Replies: 18
Tagged: Feeding, Frozen, Thawed
Zones: Feeding
We're trying to switch over to frozen mice and rats and we're finding it slow going.  Neither the BPs or the RTB show much interest in them.  I warm the food in a large pan of hot water and present them using a long pair of bbq…

Replies: 11
Tagged: Frozen, Thawed, Feeding, Feeders, Python, Regius
Zones: Feeding
I have a young male ball python and was wondering how i can change his food over to f/t mice? he only will take mice that are alive right now. any suggestions?

Replies: 12
Tagged: Frozen, Thawed, Feeding, Heterodon, Nasicus
Zones: General Health, Feeding
My albino western hognose, Captain Pineapple, refuses to eat f/t. I got him to take a couple right after I got him, but it's been live live live ever since. The only serious issue I have with this is: he just starts eating! There is no killing or…

Replies: 15
Tagged: Feeding, Live, Frozen, Thawed, Feeders, FT
Zones: General Health, Feeding
I was wondering if there are any benefits to feeding live. I have always done frozen/thawed, but I didn't know if my snakes were missing out on anything.  On that note, would anyone say it might be better to breed mice/rats,and then do…

Replies: 7
Tagged: Feeding, Frozen, Thawed, Refusal, Switching, Python, Regius, Converting
Zones: Feeding
So, I fed my new ball last night... Or tried, at least :P She was interested in it, for sure. Tongue went crazy, and would follow it wherever the tongs would move it (note i wasn't moving it around, it just wiggled a bit) But after a bit, she lost…

Replies: 13
Tagged: Sandboa, Feedingproblems, Frozen, Thawed, Pinkies, Baby, Small
Zones: General Health, Feeding
Well if you look at Apollyons feeding recoreds which I put on the site. He's only eaten 3 times since I got him on July 22. I offer him food every week. I've tried live and he denied it so I'm just sticking to frozen/thawed pinkies. I've also done…

Replies: 34
Tagged: Mouse, Frozen, Live
Zones: Feeding
Ok so was given a 8 live mice after watching for a few days they are healthy. Problem is I normally feed F/T......what is best why to end there lives and freeze them?
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