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Replies: 25
Tagged: Husbandry
Zones: Caging, Caging Plans
I've been using Reptile bark, and think it works great, and the boas like to bury themselves in it to "stalk" the prey that might walk buy at any second.  With the growing collection, reptile bark is getting pretty expensive to use,…

Replies: 3
Tagged: Heating, Husbandry
Zones: Digestive, Caging, Heating
So here is the deal, I have a small rainforest exoterra I'm using for my Ptychozoon (flying gecko). It is 12x12x18 with the foam rock background. I approximated its size as closer to 10 gallons than it would be to 5 gallons- and therefore…

Replies: 5
Tagged: Mites, Husbandry, RTBcage
Zones: Skin, Caging, Disinfectants
I've recently had a mite infestation in my BCI's cage. I've taken everything out and disinfected and treated the cage and the snake with mite treatments. It's been suggested though that I bake my cage items to ensure sterilization. My question…

Replies: 3
Tagged: JungleCarpetPython, Temperature, Husbandry
Zones: General Health, Caging, Heating
What are the optimal temps for JCPs?  What's considered too hot?  I just got some rheostats and I am running my lamps and UTHs off of it.  I have been told that 90 on the hot end and 78 in the cooler end works pretty well.  Agree…

Replies: 5
Tagged: Husbandry
Zones: General Health
I have decided to get a pair of sunbeam snakes. I have done alot of research on them and the ones im getting have been around for a while their coming from a friend of mine right down the street, so I know they have been eating well and hes has not…

Replies: 28
Tagged: Husbandry, Chondro, Temperature, Humidity, Caging
Zones: General Health, Caging, Heating
the reptile expo in hamburg is a week away and i plan on picking up my first chondro. ive been researching the snake for months now.but since this site is filled with experienced chondro keepers i want to get your opinions on husbandry. such as the…

Replies: 12
Tagged: Husbandry, Cornsnake
Zones: General Health, Genetics
I have an Abbot Okeetee and I was wondering what the babies of an Abbot Okeetee and a Diffused Creamsicle would look like, please help.

Replies: 24
Tagged: Boa, Care, General, ColumbianRedTailBoa, Feeding, Substrate, Temperatures, Humidity, Husbandry, Health
Zones: General Health, Heating
Hello! I'm going to be aquiring a Columbian Red Tail Boa at the end of this month, or the beginning of March. He is around 6yrs. old, estimated to be about 6ft. long, and last weighed in at 24-25lbs. They guesstimate him to be…

Replies: 5
Tagged: Ballpython, Respiratory, Husbandry
Zones: General Health, Respiratory, Heating
I understand that respiratory infections in Ball Pythons are usually a result of being exposed to temperatures that are too low.  So I was wondering if it would be common for a Ball Python to get a respiratory infection in a scenario like…

Replies: 5
Tagged: Caresheet, Geckos, Husbandry
Zones: General Health, Caging
Hey fellow iHerpers!  I need your advice and network of resources. I've got a fiancee that just expressed an interest in getting his own breeding pair (or small colony) of geckos.  I already have leopard geckos and he likes them, but he…
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