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Questions Tagged 'Hybrid' (5 Questions Found)
Replies: 62
Tagged: Hybrid, Chondro, Ball, Carpet, Blood
Zones: Copulation, Egg Laying, Livebearers
Alright Guys and Gals I want to know what your opinions on Hybrids are?  I think It's starting to get out of hand.  I personaly am kind of mixed on them.  I have a Superball  Ball x Blood .  That I inherited from a buddy…

Replies: 2
Tagged: Tegu, Hybrid, Identification, Tupinambis
Zones: Genetics, Knowledge Base
So... how do you tell if a tegu is a hybrid? Here's the story: My tegu, Rorschach, was sold as an Argentine B&W, she was just losing her green head (so teeny!). When I brought her back to that shop a few months later to check her sex, the…

Replies: 6
Tagged: Leopard, Gecko, Breeding, Hybrid, African, Fat, Tail, Crossing
Zones: Copulation, Ovulation, Egg Laying
I have a SHTCT Leopard Gecko and my sister has recently acquired a very nice het for albino African Fat-Tail female. I've searched online for information on crossing these two species, but there isn't much to be said, other then some very vague…

Replies: 15
Tagged: Ball, Python, Regius, Carpet, Morelia, Spilota, Breeding, Hybrid
Zones: General Health
 hey iv have heard you can cross breed a carpet python with a ball python 2 make carpetball morphs i was just wondering if anyone on here has had sucssess with it and how hard is it to do

Replies: 3
Tagged: Kingsnake, Subspecies, Mexican, Morph, Hybrid
Zones: Genetics
I recently purchased a kingsnake which was advertised as an aberrant l.m. thayeri.  It's my first foray into non-Californian kingsnakes and I've since read that pure thayeri are hard to come by.  So I was wondering what folks thoughts…
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