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Questions Tagged 'Lethargic' (3 Questions Found)
Replies: 12
Tagged: Chondro, Lethargic, Illness, Neonate, Feeding, Parasites, Mites, Behavior
Zones: General Health, Knowledge Base, Parasites
I got a baby biak at the Reptile show on LI about 3 weeks ago.  Animal fed when I took it home that day - fuzzy.  I waited till it deficated about a week later and fed it again.  Animal seemed very healthy and lively.  It…

Replies: 9
Tagged: Behavior, Bci, Boa, Lethargic, Defecation, Illness
Zones: General Health
My Bubblegum has been very lethargic lately! She was fine 3 weeks ago when I fed her last, then a week after that meal she became seemingly constipated so I soaked her in warm water and softly massaged her twice, which seemed to do the trick as she…

Replies: 7
Tagged: ColumbianRedTailBoa, Bruise, Lethargic, Scalerot
Zones: General Health, Skin, Digestive
I made the mistake of buying a pastel red tail boa from a guy that didn't have answers to all my health check questions and now I have a problem snake. My husbandry is perfect and the snake is recovering well from scale rot that he had when we got…
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