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Questions Tagged 'Needhelp' (5 Questions Found)
Replies: 9
Tagged: Cornsnake, Needhelp
Zones: General Health, Feeding, Infectious Disease
Okay, so my 6 month old corn got out about three months ago (he's now 10 months) from the cage he shared with my female of the same age. I won't go into details about how much and how hard I tried to find him, but as he is found, I need help. Before…

Replies: 2
Tagged: Impaction, Lizard, Needhelp, Maliuromastyx
Zones: General Health, Digestive
My mali uromastyx seems to have a massive impaction. Well, Darwin has been my husband's lizard, so I never did much research on it because my husband took care of him. However, there is now a clear problem and I must step in and fix it. It is pretty…

Replies: 12
Tagged: Feedingproblems, TokayGecko, Needhelp
Zones: Feeding
please help.... i just got a tokay gecko a few weeks ago from the 2011 reptile expo. shes heathly and shes active but she hasnt eaten anything but a single cricket i tried putting it in with here and hand feeding she just wont eat i tried…

Replies: 21
Tagged: Ballpython, Respiratory, Illness, Needhelp, Vet
Zones: Respiratory, Mouth
Hi, I'm a bit worried about the new snake.  I got him at NARBC in Anaheim on 9/4/2011.  The seller said to me "Oh sorry, he's a ltitle cold" but I didn't think anything of it because the expo was pretty cold and every animal I've bought…

Replies: 3
Tagged: Dartfrog, Terrarium, Noob, Needhelp, Questions, Water
Zones: General Health, Feeding, Water
I am wanting to start my first ever terrarium with hope that I can put a Dart Frog or two in it some day. I have a 10 gallon Exo Terra with an Exo Terra mini compact light with a Arcadia Jungle Dawn LED 9W Bulb. I would like some thoughts and…
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