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Replies: 4
Tagged: Rats, ASF, Breeding, Feeders
Zones: Feeding, Knowledge Base
ok people I have 10 fancy rats and 16 african soft furs ( with another 6 females coming ) I have 4 males and 6 females and 7 males and 9 females just wondering how much everyone else has and how often they are breeding I have 25 snakes to feed and I…

Replies: 4
Tagged: Feeding, BP, Rats
Zones: Feeding
I have a female BP about 14 months,all my BP's have been started on mice,due to availability issues. I have been trying to switch her to small rats since she is grown but she has only eaten the rats maybe twice and then I end up giving in and…

Replies: 18
Tagged: Rats, Mice, Food, Feeding
Zones: Feeding
Well, I feel professional.  (not really, actually i feel broke) i ordered my first shipment of rodents online at rodentpro.com i checked out bigcheeserodents, but i got a quote from them, adn it was like $40 more than rodentpro.  i…

Replies: 6
Tagged: Rats, Mice, Transition
Zones: Feeding
I want to transition my snakes from F/T mice to F/T rats.  I did it with my corn snake.  But Crush, my IJ Carpet Python, continues to refuse the rats.  It has been 3 weeks since he has eaten.  Yesterday I thawed a mouse and a rat…

Replies: 6
Tagged: Mice, Rats, Feeding
Zones: Feeding
I have a slight problem, nothing too major. Midna is starting to get bigger, so I decided to switch her from mice to small rats (F/T of course). Anywho, She showed some interest in the rat, but she didn't strike. She just got near it and sort of…

Replies: 3
Tagged: Rats, Feeders
Zones: Feeding
Hey y'all. I'm looking for some breeder rats. My local shops are kinda reluctant to part with theirs. Is there a good site online that ships breeders?

Rat Lice
Posted By: Zelica
Replies: 20
Tagged: Rats, Lice, Parasites, Treatment
Zones: General Health, Parasites
So i finally got a good breeding system down and i have hit the first of many road blocks im sure and my whole rat bunch has Lice... So suggestions and opnioions on how to get rid of these pesky things?? Thank you in advance for those that…

Replies: 13
Tagged: Rats, Feeder, Euthanasia, Humane
Zones: General Health, Feeding
Well.. I'm not scared of rats at all. I AM, though, scared of killing them. The thought just.. terrifies me, hah. I'm scared of hearing a squeal or it convulsing in pain. I'm just wondering.. What is a humane, least stressful way of killing a live…

Replies: 8
Tagged: Feeders, Rats, Breeding, Euthanization, Humane
Zones: Feeding, Knowledge Base
ok heres the thie deal i want to start breeding my own rats for snake food rather than getting them from a pet store but my snakes only feed on f/t so my question is what is the best or most humane way to take care of these guys before they go in…

Replies: 22
Tagged: Feeding, Feeders, Diet, Morelia, Spilota, Mice, Rats
Zones: General Health, Feeding, Digestive
I have 1.1 diamond pythons.  The female is considerably larger than her brother.  They were supposedly born late June '09.  The breeder I got them from was feeding them both 2 f/t mouse pinkies every 7 days.  Once they were in my…
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