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Questions Tagged 'Reptile' (4 Questions Found)
Replies: 9
Tagged: Help, Reptile, Laws
Zones: Caging
i know this is proubly a dumb question how do you find out if your city allows the owning of reptiles is there a web site you can go on to find this out because someone told me its illeagle to keep reptiles in PA  witch i think is false because…

Replies: 12
Tagged: Enclosure, Reptile
Zones: Caging, Caging Plans, Heating
Alright, im absolutely no electrician, i have no idea what im doing when it comes to this crap. so far this  little diagram is how i have it set up, the problem is that it keeps shorting out the power bar, and i dont know whats going wrong. so…

Replies: 1
Tagged: Vet, Boa, Boas, Herp, Reptile, Ut, Utah
Zones: General Health
I am in central Utah, and can go either north (SLC) or south (Provo/Spanish) to the vet. I just wondered if anyone local had good/bad experiences to share about different clinics/vets, and their care. I would like to find a decent reptile vet who…

Replies: 18
Tagged: Moreroom, Space, Reptile, Cages
Zones: General Health, Caging
Hey guys! I'm brand new to this forum and have a question I want to expand my reptile collection but I'm having a really hard time making room! How do you keep so many tanks/cages/terrariums when you don't have much space? So I have a Leopard…
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