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Replies: 8
Tagged: Excavator, Gecko, Sand
Zones: General Health, Caging, Caging Plans
I am asking this for a friend, mostly because she asked me and I was unsure. I know someone who has been considering using Excavator Sand with her adult leopard geckos (8 inches, 50+ grams) as something that is more natural than the cage carpet…

Replies: 4
Tagged: Kenyan, Sand, Boa, Breeder
Zones: Livebearers
I am looking to purchase some Kenyans. I am mainly interested in Anerys, but I will consider other morphs as well. If anyone knows of a good and reputable breeder, please let me know.

Replies: 8
Tagged: Sand, Ingestion
Zones: General Health, Feeding, Digestive
Is it ok for my bearded dragon to eat a little bit of its sand? How much is dangerous?

Replies: 1
Tagged: Kenyan, Boa, Sand, Baby, Weight, Age
Zones: General Health
I went to the ReptiCon in Sarasota this past Saturday and took home a little baby Kenyan Sand Boa. It is about 7 to 9 inches in length, and weighs 14grams. I am not sure how old this snake is, but I would like to get a rough estimate. I bought it as…

Replies: 6
Tagged: Geckos, Leopardgecko, Sand, Substrate
Zones: Digestive, Regurge, Caging
yeah, i know the answer, no. but just wondering if they would like filtered beach sand more than carpet. i heard baby leopard geckos sometimes eat the sand, but mine are all 5-6". i thought it would be interesting, i'm only at virginia beach for…

Replies: 11
Tagged: Kenyan, Sand, Boa, Eryx, Gongylophis, Colubrinus, Shedding, Humidity
Zones: General Health, Skin, Water
I posted a few weeks ago about my young Kenyan sand boa having shed issues. Well, they have continued, despite my best efforts. Today it got to the point that he was dehydrated so I gave him a good long soak in lukewarm water. I got the majority of…

Replies: 10
Tagged: Bearded, Dragon, Substrate, Sand, Repticarpet
Zones: General Health, Caging
Hey, I'm keeping my Bearded Dragon on repticarpet in a 92qt tub, with a basking bulb about 5 inches away from the basking spot. It's like a 75w reptihalogen. What I'm worried about is that the repticarpet isn't enough for her to be completely…

Replies: 5
Tagged: Kenyan, Sand, Boa, Genetics, Gongylophis, Colubrinus, Albino, Anery, KSB
Zones: Genetics
Okay, here's the deal. My ALBINO female sand boa just dropped 10 babies.  Thing that has me stumped is 4 are Anery(black and white) and the rest appear normal. Now the kicker is I don't have any anery males, only an albino and some normal…

Replies: 4
Tagged: Kenyan, Sand, Boa, KSB, Scales, Skin, Discoloration, Feeding, Gongylophis, Colubrinus
Zones: Skin, Feeding
My kenyan sand boa has not eaten in 3 weeks. Last night while watching him I found this odd white patch of scales on his back (see pic) He seems extremly agitated, and just roams gis cage all day which is very strange for him considering that he…

Replies: 18
Tagged: Breeding, Saharan, Sand, Boa, Gongylophis, Muelleri
Zones: Egg Laying, Incubation
I was told Saharan sand boas were quite rare and worth more than their Kenyan brothers. I would love to breed them but I can't support breeding them if I cannot sell them. is there any market for them? If so what are they worth, how much do they…
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