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Questions Tagged 'Sandboas' (2 Questions Found)
Replies: 8
Tagged: Eating, Pinkies, Sandboas, Constrict
Zones: General Health, Feeding
So I was just kinda curious... when I feed my snake he doesn't do it like I assumed he would like attacking it and contracting it then starting to eat it. I feed him f/t pinkies and kinda just puts the head in his mouth and then eventually wraps…

Replies: 2
Tagged: Kenyan, Sandboa, Sandboas
Zones: Genetics
Hello, I cannot find anywhere on the internet for some type of morph calculator for my Kenyan Sand Boas.  So I am trying to figure out what is going to happen when I breed my WT Kenyan with my Snow Kenyan?  Will they all come out looking…
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