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Replies: 10
Tagged: Skin, Shed, Scales
Zones: General Health, Skin
My milksnake just shed and is missing scales.  Prior to this last shed, she had several very sensitive dry patches on her skin that are still there.  What can this be and how can it be treated?  Lastly, do the scales grow back? …

Replies: 3
Tagged: Boa, Skin
Zones: General Health, Skin
So, After 2 sheds post lay, I had Athena out in the sun, and found what appeared to be spots where her scales had "rubbed" off... they don't appear swollen, tender, or infected, just strange.  She's got no ability to burn herself in…

Replies: 6
Tagged: Skin
Zones: General Health, Skin, Infectious Disease
Our Mollucan python-Jose’ has developed a patch of scales that are discolored, seems slightly softer than it should and is almost exposing the interstitial space between the scales. It started about 2 weeks ago and we’ve been…

Replies: 2
Tagged: Skin, Tail
Zones: Skin
one of my bps has had a hard time shedding.  when it was a baby, a shed got stuck on its tail and went unnoticed for a while, leaving an indent.  recently, i noticed another stuck shed in the same spot, but the skin around the tail where…

Replies: 15
Tagged: Rescue, Carpet, Python, Disease, Skin, Blisters, Health
Zones: General Health, Skin
Hi, I recently got two new carpet pythons.  The small one is doing great, but the larger one has had these 'blisters' appear all over her.  They seem to be filled with water and are under the scales. She has not been eating very well,…

Replies: 9
Tagged: Behavior, Illness, Defecation, Odor, Shedding, Skin, Carpet, Python, Morelia, Spilota
Zones: General Health, Skin, Digestive
  So I just looked in on my carpet today.  She's been acting a little off since we've moved so I related the way she's been acting to stress and changes in her atmosphere.  But she's been in the process of shedding for longer than…

Replies: 7
Tagged: Bruise, Cornsnake, Infection, Scalerot, Skin, Spots
Zones: Skin
I have a 4 months-old cornsnake. 2-3 weeks ago, he stuck his jaw and part of his body on tape, so we went to the vet. He had a twisted jaw and an open sore under the chin, and the vet said he had some bruises on his body as well. We had a big scare…

Replies: 11
Tagged: Chondro, GTP, Skin, Scale, Problem, Fungus
Zones: Skin, Infectious Disease, Medications
Hi guys, I took Brokk my Biak GTP baby out to feed yesterday and noticed I white-ish patch on the scales between his eyes and a little bit around his mouth. At first I thought it was scale damage from squeezing his head into tight spaces, but…

Replies: 6
Tagged: Skin, Wrinkle, Health, Dehydration, Wrinkles
Zones: General Health, Skin, Water
I took my king out for a feeding today and I noticed he didn't try and bite me and I was worried. (ha)After a quick look over I noticed his skin was wrinkly around his neck area. I have him soaking in water at the moment. Is there anything else I…

Replies: 4
Tagged: Ballpython, Heatpits, Skin
Zones: General Health, Skin
My ball python has a little red mark (vein?) in his heat pit.  Do ball pythons shed the skin in their heat pits?  Do you think it'll clear up in a shed?  Is it normal?  Just wondering what it is!  He had a little issue with…
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