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Questions Tagged 'Tail' (10 Questions Found)
Replies: 9
Tagged: Crested, Tail, Shaking
Zones: General Health
I recently have noticed my cresty girls shaking their money makers(tail) for no apparent reason, well to me at least. Background I have had Koopa and Pocket Friend in the tank for the last 10 months or so, since they were both essentially…

Replies: 18
Tagged: Cornsnake, Tail
Zones: General Health
So, every few hours or so, i check on my collection (paranoia because of past occurances* and as a side not, half of my book collection is in my reptile room, mostly stephen king and school text books, haha*) anyways, i was countin heads, and the…

Replies: 6
Tagged: Leopard, Gecko, Breeding, Hybrid, African, Fat, Tail, Crossing
Zones: Copulation, Ovulation, Egg Laying
I have a SHTCT Leopard Gecko and my sister has recently acquired a very nice het for albino African Fat-Tail female. I've searched online for information on crossing these two species, but there isn't much to be said, other then some very vague…

Replies: 2
Tagged: Skin, Tail
Zones: Skin
one of my bps has had a hard time shedding.  when it was a baby, a shed got stuck on its tail and went unnoticed for a while, leaving an indent.  recently, i noticed another stuck shed in the same spot, but the skin around the tail where…

Replies: 10
Tagged: Tail
Zones: General Health, Prolapse, Skeletal
So i was hanging out with my leopard gecko, Joker, at my computer and then he went under my keyboard but i didnt want him to go under it so i picked up my keyboard and it slipped out of my hand and then it landed on Joker! So then he ran off the…

Replies: 21
Tagged: Tail, Crestedgecko
Zones: General Health
i look all over at these pictures of crested geckos and i see some with tails and some without, why is that?

Replies: 5
Tagged: Tail, Wound, Regeneration, Infection
Zones: General Health, Limbs
Hello! I have a madagascar jeweled lizard, I have had mine for about a month now. Shortly before I aquired the lizard I noticed it had a wound on it's tail infected with maggots, I was able to flush the wound and remove all of the maggots as I…

Replies: 52
Tagged: Leopardgecko, Tail
Zones: General Health
Please Help!!! My geckos tail has been thinning rapidly, he is currently in shed and will probably be done in a day. What can i feed him to get some fat back into him. please answer soon. I am goint to petco tomorrow mid-day.

Replies: 2
Tagged: Shed, Tail
Zones: General Health, Skin, Caging Plans
My little taiwanese beauty recently had a bit of skin stuck to the tip of his tail. I grew concerned when he didn't just rub it off the next day, and look it up online. Hearing that this was a potentially major health issue I immidiately used a damp…

Replies: 13
Tagged: Cornsnake, Hemipenes, Swollen, Tail
Zones: General Health
I have an adult male corn snake, about 6-7 years-old. He did a perfect shed last night, and also pooped. This morning though, I saw that the tail area around the hemipenes is swollen. It doesn't feel hard to the touch, but I'm slightly worried. What…
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