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2015 1.0 Miami Tessera p/h Amel (proven)

Animal: Azurite $100 [ME-KAI-15-17M] Owner: NWHeather

Common Corn Snake
Elaphe guttata guttata
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Sex (m.f.unsexed) 1.0.0
Morph Miami Tessera ph Amel
Hatch Weight 8
Seller Location WA state
Delivery Nationwide Delivery
Asking Price 100.00

Complete Details

I produced this Miami Tessera male in 2015, out of a Miami Tessera het Amel X Miami Tessera p/h Amel.

I bred him this year to an LBR Miami female, to see if he was Homo Dom, he is not. He is possibly het for Amel though.

The babies are starting to hatch now, I will add them to my page as they emerge.

He is $100 (shipping is additional).

Please email me at MysticExotics(at) if you are interested in this male.

You can see more details about him (photos of parents, grandparents, etc) on his iHerp profile.

Thank you for looking! :)

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