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Welcome : Introduction

Welcome to iHerp. Software the Reptile Community has needed for a LONG time!

What is it?

iHerp at its core is a way for you to manage your reptile collection. Whether it's one animal, or hundreds, iHerp was built from the ground up for the amateur hobbyist and breeder alike. It's not just husbandry, but photo galleries, breeding records, breeding loans with other people on iHerp, and full lineage.

It's also a great way to share whatever you want to about your collection. When you add an animal to iHerp, you can make it available for anyone to view. Or, you can keep it private, just for your eyes.

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Why Should I Sign Up?

The FREE registration allows you to add your animals, create photo galleries, use the husbandry software, create a blog, work with others on your collection, leave comments on others animals, contact members... There's plenty of reasons to become a member, but did we mention it's FREE

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Why Should I Track My Animals? 

In addition to good husbandry practices, it's important to keep a log of how your animals are doing. How many times (especially if you have a big collection), do you think, "Gee, when was the last time this guy ate?" For me, it happened a lot. Having over 50 animals, you can't mentally keep track of everything. Well, I certainly can't. Even having just one, with as busy as our lives are, it's hard to keep everything down to a date anymore.

Tracking can help you to remember these items, as well as be a wonderful tool for a vet trip. When you take an animal in for, say, a constipation issue, and the vet asks you when the last time it defecated was, "I don't know" isn't the best of answers. If you track everything, you have records. In the common era, information is everything.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, selling an animal with full husbandry is a great thing for the animals new owner! When I get an animal, if it's not feeding, I will check it's husbandry card, and see what type of food it was eating, how often, what size... But sadly, many animals that are sold do not have any records.

It's time to change that.

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Is This Really Free?

Yes! It's free! Originally this was created as a way for me to personally track my animals, and I thought, "Wouldn't it be cool if EVERYONE had access to this?"

Well, now ya do. :)

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