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Animal Name: Rosca
Species: Ball Python
Python regius
Sex: Female
Morph: Normal
Comments: So allow me to talk about Rosca.
Rosca is a Hurricane Katrina rescue. Those two knotted scars on her side are from someone who tried to hack her to pieces with a hoe or shovel, thinking she was one of the many venomous snakes that were prevalent after the storm. A volunteer fire fighter happen to see, recognize her breed, and intervene.
She was a classroom pet for Mr. Hawes' 8th grade room. When I had the class, I always wanted to hold and feed her... and quickly nixed the big hooker hoop earrings, as she liked to try to slither through them.
After I moved to the high school, in my sophomore year, Mr. Hawes retired and left her to one of my lacrosse coaches who, dealing with domestic issues, couldn't keep her, and then... gasp... offered her to me.
I've had her for four years now, and as of today she is five feet long and weighs, at the date of this typing, 2350-ishg.
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