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Animal Name: Boa
Species: Common Red-Tailed Boa
Boa constrictor constrictor
Sex: Unknown
Comments: I got this snake b/c the previous owner was moving and couldn't take it. Little did I know the situation of the snake until pick up. The previous owner obviously didnt' know nor care about this snake. It had a very poor living condition, regular dirt as substrate that had never been changed or cleaned as it had a lot of dead skin and poop mixed in everywhere. Nor did it have the proper temp/humdity level. The worst part was it had Mites! Since owning her for a little over a week now. I've gotten her or shed properly as she still had patches of dead skin all over, as you see in the pic she's a lot better now. She has eaten (3)mice in one sitting on 5/18/19 the day before this pic which is really good since she looked under fed for her estimated age. As for the Mites, I've treated twice with "Mite Off" and have seen huge improvements. Overall this was my 1st rescue case and I think its going to be a great recovery and long life pet.
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