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07/24 Weight - 315 grams
07/20 Feeding - Fed 1 weaned rat (48 grams) from Big Cheese Rodent Factory
07/13 Feeding - Fed 1 large adult mouse (about 20-ish grams)
07/13 Shed - Completely shed in one piece
07/13 Defecated - Defecated inside of shed skin

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Animal Name: Vinny
Species: Ball Python
Python regius
Sex: Male
Locale: Louisiana
Morph: Normal
Birthdate: 8/15/2014
Comments: First ball python, bought from a local pet smart; enjoys watching his owner on the computer, does not enjoy boops on the snoot.

----- Current diet: f/t small rats/large mice, occasionally a live mouse as a treat which he goes nuts over

-----Weight: hovering around 300 grams as of today, was only 145 grams when I got him.

-----Has yet to strike at somebody.
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