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Pumice[TCCC-0012CC-G ]

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07/14 Feeding - (1) Crested Gecko Diet
07/14 Defecated - Defecation
07/14 Cleaned - Cleaned
07/07 Feeding - (1) Crested Gecko Diet
07/07 Defecated - Defecation

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Animal Name: Pumice
Reference Code: TCCC-0012CC-G
Species: Crested Gecko
Correlophus ciliatus
Sex: Unknown
Morph: Red bi-color with reverse pin striping and dalmatian spotting
Birthdate: 7/16/2018
Comments: -6.5 grams as of 6/16/2019
-4 grams as of 3/24/2019

It is a red bi-color with reverse and phantom pin striping as well as lots of dalmatian spotting already. It easily has more spots than its parents had at this age and weight, so may already be a super dal. Its dorsal is orange and the lower laterals as well as the belly are a lighter yellow orange. The reverse pinning and upper laterals are a vibrant brick red

Possible female.
Now a keeper.
Badly needs update photos.

Things we are looking for in our geckos...

-big head
-big crests
-wide back/dorsal stripe
-bright coloring
-lots of dalmatian spots
-no dalmatian spots
-no under bite
-no crocodile snout
-feeding well
-good personality

This gecko has the following...

-nice big head
-very little cresting :(
-nice wide back/dorsal stripe :)
-could be a red bi-color with orange dorsal
-tons of dalmatian spots
-no under-bite
-no over-bite
-no crocodile snout
-calming down with handling, but a bit flighty
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