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tiny baby[TCCC-0027CC-G ]

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Animal Name: tiny baby
Reference Code: TCCC-0027CC-G
Species: Crested Gecko
Correlophus ciliatus
Sex: Unknown
Birthdate: 7/22/2021
Death Date: 8/19/2021
Comments: This kid is out of Flint X Cruda and was hatched on 7/22/2021. It is a reddish brown bicolor chevron. It also has fringing and slight portholes. This is a normal color red for Flint to produce.

This baby was dropped on carpeted flooring as a freshly laid egg when we were candling it. As a result the baby hatched skeletal, less than half the size of its normal sized sibling/clutch mate, with awkwardly bent front shoulders and arms, unable to walk with no muscles whatsoever, and what looked like an umbilical hernia at first. On its third day of life it had started eating, but the umbilical bulge had grown and looked infected. The baby was weaker on the third and fourth days of life and took a full grand seizure in my hand as I was checking and cleaning its belly and cloaca area (because the excrement was sticking to the cloaca possibly keeping it closed stuck). I had never seen a full seizure like that in a gecko before. I nearly culled it there but the roommate/family member had seen it too as they were watching me care for the baby. Their tears for the baby fighting to live made me give the baby a few more days.

Now as of July 26th 2021 the baby has obviously been eating as it is gaining muscle and weight visibly. It can finally walk on all four limbs now. I have not seen it take another seizure while I've been watching and caring for it. The bulge in the umbilical area also seems to be decreasing. So as of the 26th I will be adding this child to Iherp in the hopes that it might make it. I will also finally be taking update photos of this child and its clutch mate. Should be noted that it didn't register on the gram weight scale and I have given this baby added caclium, D3, and other reptile vitamins in the pangea food offered to it.

-As of August 19th 2020 this child passed away probably due to its deformities and seizures. It had grown some and was moving around better but obviously something was still very wrong with it. RIP

-THIS IS A KEEPER- for now-

Currently thin and freshly hatched. Getting used to new place.

Things we are looking for in our geckos...

-big head
-big crests
-wide back/dorsal stripe
-bright coloring
-lots of dalmatian spots
-no dalmatian spots
-no under bite
-no crocodile snout
-feeding well
-good personality

This gecko has the following...

-Average sized head
-Under average crests
-Wide back/dorsal stripe
-Red brown coloring
-Dalmatian spots
-No underbite
-No crocodile snout
-Fiery hot angry personality
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