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Animal Name: Casey
Species: Green Iguana
Iguana iguana
Sex: Female
Comments: I rescued Casey in 2004 after some one left her and her sister Sid at my high school. They were in horrible condition. They had MBD, burns, abscesses, broken till and other bones and Sid was on the verge of kidney failure. Casey had to be spayed to prevent her from becoming egg bound because she was too weak to lay the 29 eggs she was carrying. They were not expected to live but I still have Casey and she is doing very well and Sid passed in 2010.
Comment From IguanaGirl, Posted At: 3/14/2012 5:06:32 AM |
I found out she was gravid because I had the vet xray her foot and her belly happened to be in the xray and we saw the eggs. I had her spayed for her own safety, chances are laying the eggs would have killed her and when she was spayed they counted the eggs. Casey was not affect by her sister Sid dying because they were not housed together. A lot of Igs become territoral and Casey and Sid would fight if they were housed together.

Comment From Remi, Posted At: 6/29/2011 3:06:12 AM |
hi - interesting story - my iguana looks like yours. question: how'd you know she had 29 eggs? and did she seem to be affected by the loss of her sister? i've been wondering whether i should find another to socialize with my iguana - not to mate. thanks!

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