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06/18 Feeding - Force Fed (1) F/T Mouse - Fuzzies
06/13 Feeding - Force Fed (1) F/T Mouse - Fuzzies
06/10 Regurge - Regurgitated force fed mouse after 24 hours
06/09 Feeding - Force Fed (1) F/T Mouse - Adult
06/08 Feeding - Force Fed (3) F/T Mouse - Small Pinkie

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Animal Name: Vali
Reference Code: LW-11-01
Species: Green Tree Python
Morelia viridis
Sex: Female
Locale: Sorong
Morph: Sorong
Birthdate: 6/17/2011
Death Date: 6/22/2014
Comments: Vali is a female Sorong Green Tree python. One of a twenty one litter, bred by Luke woolfendon of
Comment From DFW Arboreals, Posted At: 2/23/2012 12:20:02 PM |
Looking good! -p-

Comment From DiannaLotow, Posted At: 1/27/2012 8:57:57 AM |
Gorgeous snake / gorgeous new pix!

Comment From abi21491, Posted At: 10/11/2011 4:39:40 AM |
This baby is so fantastic :) Love the pics outside! I need to take my Ea out one of these days and see how she likes it...

Comment From cowboy98722, Posted At: 9/16/2011 10:28:41 AM |
awesome snake will probly have to get into them in the future

Comment From Jaganath, Posted At: 9/16/2011 10:04:54 AM |
Thanks :) he is pretty damned cool I have to say - can't wait to see him full grown :)

Comment From ShutUpAndSmile, Posted At: 9/16/2011 9:34:55 AM |
What a stunning snake. I love the coloring. :)

Comment From UNCLEGAR, Posted At: 8/31/2011 7:32:31 AM |
What an amazing looking Python, never seen colouring like this.

Comment From RepLover1022, Posted At: 8/29/2011 12:24:38 PM |
Woooow stunning

Comment From Mel4short, Posted At: 8/29/2011 10:34:33 AM |
Sweet!!! Congrats!!! Yep..they'll be more!!! :P

Comment From Jaganath, Posted At: 8/29/2011 9:56:21 AM |
Thanks guys - I'm over the moon, I got the pick of the litter and Vali ate within an hour of being home too so very pleased. :)

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