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12/08 Comments - Dropped Tail
12/05 Feeding - (1) Crested Gecko Diet
12/05 Defecated - Defecation
12/05 Cleaned - Cleaned
12/03 Defecated - Defecation

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Animal Name: FEEDER
Reference Code: TCCC-0018CC-G
Species: Crested Gecko
Correlophus ciliatus
Sex: Unknown
Morph: Reddish brown chevron with partial pin striping
Birthdate: 8/11/2019
Death Date: 1/7/2020
Comments: This kid is out of Flint X Narillo and was hatched on 8/11/2019. It is a reddish brown chevron with partial pin striping. There are already a few dalmatians spots visible. It also has fringing. This is a normal color red for this pairing to produce.

-Became a feeder-

-1/7/2020- Due to the food strike that lasted nearly a year, her thin abdomen, and aversion to her normal food items we have decided to try to feed this baby to the tarantula. Surprisingly she immediately took it. It was surprising because for many many months we fed her her normal meals of mealworms, young roaches, and red runners but she had refused them all leaving her food to run around her bioactive enclosure. This kids end was within seconds as the spider caught and bit in the perfect spot to end it quickly. I'm glad this kid did not suffer long. It's too bad it got Flints flighty nippy personality or I may not have culled this kid out of the group.

Things we are looking for in our geckos...

-big head
-big crests
-wide back/dorsal stripe
-bright coloring
-lots of dalmatian spots
-no dalmatian spots
-no under bite
-no crocodile snout
-feeding well
-good personality

This gecko has the following...

-Average sized head
-Slightly below average crests
-Wide back/dorsal stripe
-Red brown coloring
-A few dalmatian spots
-No underbite
-No crocodile snout
-Bad personality :(
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