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Taylor :


12/23/2013 Adventures with Skinks... [Public] 
10/14/2012 Sad day... [Public] 
10/10/2012 Caging upgrades, whee! [Public] 
9/18/2012 The Kisatchies... [Public] 
9/12/2012 My other hobby and other random crap... (little bit of a DUW) [Public] 
8/5/2012 First attempt at a planted viv! [Public] 
7/5/2012 I just got eaten... [Public] 
2/16/2012 Big boy got an upgrade... (And a name!) [Public] 
1/8/2012 Well, it's about time! [Public] 
9/13/2011 Those little suckers can bite HARD! [Public] 
11/8/2010 A small example of why NOT to house beardies together... Even adults [Public] 
10/2/2010 Bye-bye, rain... Hello sunshine! [Public] 
1/5/2010 Ugh... A terrible start to 2010. [Public] 
9/30/2009 This lizard REALLY wants to be a pet. [Public] 
9/26/2009 "House Herping"... Alligator Lizard pics! =) [Public] 
8/26/2009 Froggy 'n Dragonflies: "Half-assed" Field-herping [Public] 
8/23/2009 Whoops!! I did it again... [Public] 
7/10/2009 July 10=Day 70=Pippies!!?? [Public] 
6/29/2009 I seem to be morphing into a "free ball python" magnet. [Public] 
6/8/2009 Meet Hobbs, my first python... [Public] 
5/2/2009 Absolutely crazy unexpected eggs. A reason for ME to blog. [Public] 
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