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7/13/2016 Another one going, this time to cancer :( (update in comments) [Public] 
12/5/2015 :(... Lost my favorite snake [Public] 
4/11/2014 Let's see your living viv's [Public] 
4/9/2014 never mind... [Public] 
3/7/2014 it's the little things [Public] 
2/3/2014 Thanks all! [Public] 
12/25/2013 OT: how languages change... [Public] 
12/21/2013 FL brown water snake [Public] 
10/30/2013 My name is Chrissy, and I'm an enabler for my obese snake... [Public] 
9/8/2013 very few pics from the everglades herp [Public] 
9/6/2013 re: everglades herping [Public] 
8/30/2013 attempting reptile art, would appreciate critiques [Public] 
8/23/2013 I should know better... [Public] 
8/3/2013 Wow, these guys are awesome! [Public] 
7/27/2013 herping from the last few months [Public] 
7/22/2013 holy cow I found her!!! [Public] 
7/19/2013 lost tokay [Public] 
7/14/2013 Madagascar tree boas [Public] 
6/20/2013 overwhelmed a bit [Public] 
6/4/2013 panther gecko dominance observations [Public] 
6/2/2013 Daytona in August [Public] 
5/5/2013 Found one! (AWOL L. williamsi) [Public] 
5/3/2013 a few (million) outdoor pics of 4 or 5 geckos and pics of the Tokay Girls [Public] 
5/2/2013 fml... another AWOL gecko... [Public] 
4/20/2013 Super melanistic, chocolate phase IJ [Public] 
4/19/2013 Extra Ticket for Ft. Lauderdale Repticon this weekend [Public] 
4/18/2013 best way to go about creating a herp business? [Public] 
4/17/2013 inspired by Shannon [Public] 
4/15/2013 OT: Bombing at the Boston Marathon... [Public] 
4/15/2013 agm frustrations... (and taxes, so drink up my friend) [Public] 
4/10/2013 i bit the bullet and invested in a male AGM [Public] 
4/4/2013 venting on seller attitudes. [Public] 
3/24/2013 updates [Public] 
3/23/2013 Phew! I was worried since I hadn't seen my water snake friend for weeks... [Public] 
3/3/2013 really difficult decisions ahead [Public] 
2/6/2013 so, um... this guy needs a name. [Public] 
1/24/2013 need some money-making ideas... [Public] 
1/21/2013 anyone local to sfl want aloe plants? [Public] 
1/18/2013 Crested Gecko Hatchlings 2012 Updates [Public] 
1/11/2013 the mail system in south florida confuses me [Public] 
1/9/2013 really bothered by these guys' store conditions... [Public] 
12/26/2012 gonna start volunteering [Public] 
12/19/2012 That's one TINY hatchling! (added comparison pics) [Public] 
12/17/2012 Everglades this afternoon (pic-heavy) [Public] 
12/17/2012 impatiently waiting... [Public] 
12/10/2012 some backyard shots, and ID if you can [Public] 
12/7/2012 we made it! (added a few pics) [Public] 
11/24/2012 it's fast approaching [Public] 
11/20/2012 slow day on iherp... [Public] 
11/14/2012 critters in need of new homes (preferably before Dec 1st) [Public] 
11/6/2012 Feeling better about this move [Public] 
10/29/2012 who has the final fantasy tats? [Public] 
10/24/2012 downsizing for a move [Public] 
10/21/2012 you know you love your herps when... [Public] 
10/8/2012 MIA for a bit [Public] 
9/26/2012 cool gecko research on WGBY (part of a NOVA series) [Public] 
9/23/2012 confused about P. picta care [Public] 
9/15/2012 exhausted... [Public] 
9/10/2012 OT: RIP Baby Whale Fish... [Public] 
9/10/2012 anyone have African Giant Millipedes? [Public] 
9/8/2012 normal common bci possibly up for sale [Public] 
9/1/2012 Hatch is a girl!! and other ramblings [Public] 
8/26/2012 3rd shift sucks! [Public] 
8/18/2012 Play along will ya? [Public] 
8/14/2012 Gecko Photobomb [Public] 
8/12/2012 weird... [Public] 
8/6/2012 snake in a tree & a new hatchling [Public] 
8/5/2012 ugh... [Public] 
8/3/2012 when can I consider them abandoned? [Public] 
7/29/2012 OT: scored a free Fluval Chi [Public] 
7/25/2012 just wondering (may get controversial) [Public] 
7/23/2012 new girl [Public] 
7/21/2012 Display cage suggestions needed. [Public] 
7/21/2012 anyone know what this guy is? [Public] 
7/20/2012 wishing and hoping... [Public] 
7/20/2012 Why do we have so many nut-jobs on this planet? [Public] 
7/16/2012 OT - dcf med class and frustrations with the meds they put kids on [Public] 
7/15/2012 That's Epic! [Public] 
7/14/2012 mossies on CL [Public] 
7/8/2012 cool little ball & a VERY FEW show pics & ANOTHER panther gecko hatchling [Public] 
7/2/2012 Clutchmate!!! [Public] 
6/26/2012 Surprise find! [Public] 
6/25/2012 Lost the eggs :( [Public] 
6/24/2012 accidental herping [Public] 
6/17/2012 Dog park crisis [Public] 
6/13/2012 Wolf at the Nature Center [Public] 
6/12/2012 shameless plug for my deviantArt [Public] 
6/6/2012 cross your fingers I don't get too many crazy people... [Public] 
6/4/2012 rescue P. grandis possibility [Public] 
6/3/2012 Sugar Cane's first Public Ambassador Experience (Pics added) [Public] 
5/27/2012 Mr. Sparkles has a home... [Public] 
5/20/2012 snakes are stresing... [Public] 
5/19/2012 Rescue Beardie [Public] 
5/17/2012 Aaron, I can't upload pics.... [Public] 
5/17/2012 OMFG!!!! [Public] 
5/15/2012 everyone ate! [Public] 
5/6/2012 what is it that I have against going with my gut? [Public] 
5/2/2012 the ups and downs of owning Twix [Public] 
4/29/2012 beginning to wonder... [Public] 
4/26/2012 Park visit that resulted in some herp sightings ;) [Public] 
4/22/2012 White Plains Show (pics) [Public] 
4/15/2012 weirdest bp ever. [Public] 
4/14/2012 pet-sitting snakes are here. [Public] 
4/13/2012 OT - i'm not the worst girlfriend in the world! [Public] 
4/4/2012 All New England Reptile Expo PIC HEAVY!! (mostly fixed) [Public] 
3/31/2012 tips for a show with a 2 year old please... [Public] 
3/30/2012 randomness [Public] 
3/26/2012 African Black Millipedes - going to try my hand at breeding on purpose [Public] 
3/24/2012 picking up new cages tomorrow [Public] 
3/21/2012 SFL Field Herping Guide WANTED!! [Public] 
3/19/2012 Hmm, new phone... [Public] 
3/11/2012 one for conditioning... [Public] 
3/10/2012 vision cages on CL [Public] 
3/7/2012 stupid mobile interface issues... [Public] 
2/29/2012 another wishlist (thanks for the idea) [Public] 
2/26/2012 Sadie's Hideaway, Nature/Education/Rescue Center [Public] 
2/24/2012 hijacking DosRVT's post theme... [Public] 
2/15/2012 kinda OT but kinda related opinions saught. [Public] 
1/26/2012 gecko weights [Public] 
1/23/2012 just wondering abou collections... [Public] 
1/22/2012 off topic - True Blood [Public] 
1/13/2012 Figuring out tracking [Public] 
12/31/2011 the inner war of needing to down-size... [Public] 
12/26/2011 rip sneaky little devil [Public] 
2/1/2010 endings and new beginnings [Public] 
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