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Abby McDufford :


7/30/2013 2013 Season: Pt 1 - BPs and Hogs [Public] 
4/18/2013 Goodbye, Love [Public] 
11/2/2012 I Am... Updated with pics of a new addition! [Public] 
6/30/2012 Can't Save them All... [Public] 
12/11/2011 Morelia oenpelliensis - Wow! [Public] 
8/13/2011 Premature Hatchling: Update! [Public] 
2/23/2011 Quick Video of (some of) my Collection! [Public] 
2/9/2011 Rodent Racks! Finally. [Public] 
10/13/2010 Baby Sand Boas! Woo! [Public] 
8/10/2010 Roaches Anyone? [Public] 
5/17/2010 Sheegoth's Growin' Up *tear* UPDATE: First Handling Session! [Public] 
5/6/2010 Defenders of Wildlife: Everglades Nonsense, Please Read [Public] 
4/30/2010 DIY Hatchling Rack! [Public] 
4/23/2010 City Considers Stepping Up Oversight of Exotic Pets - Columbus Ohio [Public] 
4/6/2010 New Additions =] [Public] 
3/23/2010 A Few Herping Pics [Public] 
3/17/2010 Anybody Going to Upcoming Columbus OH Shows? [Public] 
3/11/2010 New Lil' Kenyan Sand Boas [Public] 
3/9/2010 Antiope is Diggin'... [Public] 
3/7/2010 New Pics Again! [Public] 
3/5/2010 My Boa Constrictor Morph List [Public] 
3/5/2010 My Green Tree Python Morph/Hybrid List [Public] 
3/5/2010 My Carpet Python Morph/Hybrid List [Public] 
3/5/2010 My Burmese Python Morph/Hybrid List [Public] 
3/5/2010 My Reticulated Python Morph/Hybrid List [Public] 
3/3/2010 My Blood Python Morph/Hybrid List [Public] 
3/3/2010 My Ball Python Morph/Hybrid List [Public] 
2/27/2010 Cool Pic: I Eat You & Others! [Public] 
2/25/2010 OT: West Memphis 3 [Public] 
2/11/2010 Redid My Website :) [Public] 
2/7/2010 Wrath of Ankh - Bite from Borneo Short-Tail Python [Public] 
1/31/2010 She Finally Shed! 07 Borneo Gal [Public] 
1/30/2010 UPDATE: Weird CH Female - Opinions? [Public] 
1/29/2010 Neat KSB I Picked Up [Public] 
1/15/2010 DIY Thermoelectric Mini Fridge To Incubator Guide! [Public] 
1/10/2010 WIP: Fridge-A-Bator [Public] 
1/5/2010 Email Response to S.373 from Senator Sherrod Brown [Public] 
1/3/2010 Some People... [Public] 
12/18/2009 Poor Man's Light Box DIY [Public] 
12/16/2009 New Pics :) [Public] 
12/14/2009 New Incubator [Public] 
12/11/2009 Don't You Hate It When... [Public] 
12/8/2009 Oppose S373 Python Ban NOW! [Public] 
11/20/2009 What Was This Guy Thinking? [Public] 
11/14/2009 Recent Additions [Public] 
11/10/2009 My First Natural Vivarium [Public] 
8/27/2009 He's Back! [Public] 
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