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9/2/2021 Please delete the following SPAM accounts [Public] 
12/31/2020 Happy New Year IHERP [Public] 
12/30/2020 RIP Doomtrooper......... [Public] 
12/24/2020 MERRY CHRISTMAS IHERP!!!!!!!!!!! [Public] 
11/26/2020 Happy Thanksgiving! [Public] 
11/14/2020 Snakes disembowel toads and feast on the living animal's organs one by one [Public] 
2/20/2020 Rainbow snake spotted in Central Florida county for first time since 1969 [Public] 
2/1/2020 Snake venom can now be made in a lab. And that could save many lives [Public] 
1/24/2020 Snakes could be the source of the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak [Public] 
1/22/2020 Longest snake in North America found breeding in Alabama for first time since 1954 [Public] 
12/24/2019 HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU ALL!!!!!!!!! [Public] 
11/3/2019 USARK Statement on Reptile Facility Tragedy [Public] 
9/7/2019 Hey spammers........ [Public] 
8/17/2019 An array of new snakes from India have been described [Public] 
7/13/2019 Oklahoma man arrested in stolen car with snake, uranium, gun, whiskey [Public] 
5/25/2019 'Virgin birth': A captive anaconda became pregnant by herself and gave birth to two babies [Public] 
1/1/2019 Happy New Year! [Public] 
12/25/2018 Merry Christmas! [Public] 
11/3/2018 Goodwill employee sorting donated clothing finds a live python [Public] 
3/5/2018 Burmese python devours 35-pound deer in Florida [Public] 
12/24/2017 HAPPY HOLIDAYS iHerp! [Public] 
11/11/2017 Snake freed after five months living in rental van [Public] 
6/23/2017 Iherp not sending email notifications (seriously fix this crap now) [Public] 
1/27/2017 Snake hunters from India are the latest weapons in Florida’s war on pythons [Public] 
11/12/2016 Legendary Chinese Poison Made by Forcing Snakes, Scorpions, and Centipedes to Fight [Public] 
10/12/2016 Rare, Highly Venomous Sea Snake Found in Iranian Coastal Waters [Public] 
8/26/2016 Museum aims to change stigma of snakes [Public] 
4/20/2016 Florida’s Dragon Problem [Public] 
3/26/2016 Tribal warriors catch giant snakes for science [Public] 
3/3/2016 These Ancient 'Hand Prints' Were Not Made By Human Hands [Public] 
2/25/2016 Texas man trains backyard water snake to take fish from his hand [Public] 
2/15/2016 Police: Snakes stolen from Keene pet store [Public] 
2/6/2016 Timber Rattlesnakes: Controversial Plan To Stock Island With Snakes [Public] 
1/27/2016 Watch a guy invite two deadly snakes to bite him -- to prove a point [Public] 
1/20/2016 THE MYTH OF THE SUPER SPIDER [Public] 
1/14/2016 Proposal allowing larger snakes in Appleton, Wis moves forward [Public] 
1/14/2016 Hapless Idiots, Snake Bait and plenty of pun-worthy teams ready for Python Challenge [Public] 
11/21/2015 Deal takes NC science museum out of seized venomous snake business [Public] 
10/21/2015 New fungal disease a threat to snakes in eastern states, including Georgia [Public] 
9/28/2015 Exclusive Video: First "Glowing" Sea Turtle Found [Public] 
9/28/2015 New Species of Venomous Snake Discovered in Australia [Public] 
9/22/2015 Plain or patterned bellies can help snakes avoid predators. [Public] 
8/31/2015 Rare snakes hatch at Jacksonville Zoo [Public] 
8/22/2015 Florida man bitten by coral snake speaks out [Public] 
8/12/2015 Mysterious Fungus Killing Snakes in at Least 9 States [Public] 
8/4/2015 Metro rider sees snake eating a bird at Green Line station [Public] 
7/24/2015 Four-legged snake ancestor 'dug burrows' [Public] 
7/20/2015 The shocking moment a 'miracle-working prophet' fed worshippers LIVE SNAKES to test their faith [Public] 
7/20/2015 Central Florida snakes being released in Alabama [Public] 
7/3/2015 Plans halted to turn old church into snake breeding facility [Public] 
6/16/2015 REWARD: 7 rare snakes stolen from Akron rescue group [Public] 
6/11/2015 So maybe some snakes really aren’t that bad (no kidding) [Public] 
6/9/2015 Davidson College Grads Create App that Identifies Snakes of NC [Public] 
6/6/2015 Snakes of Mountain Brook: Talk of copperheads dominates popular Facebook group [Public] 
6/1/2015 The Best Biologist on Twitter [Public] 
5/18/2015 "Maryland's Black Rat Snake" [Public] 
5/1/2015 Love snakes? This Illinois destination is for you [Public] 
4/17/2015 HAPPY FRIDAY! [Public] 
4/10/2015 Venom As Medicine: How Spiders, Scorpions, Snakes, And Sea Creatures Can Heal [Public] 
3/30/2015 How Breeding Snakes Made Me a Better Chef (Vice Article) [Public] 
3/18/2015 Building paves over snake habitat [Public] 
2/28/2015 Neighbors upset with man housing dozens of snakes in condo [Public] 
2/19/2015 Sweetwater Jaycees: World's largest kitten roundup [Public] 
2/17/2015 Snakes on a farm: Despite the bites, Kentucky Reptile Zoo owners offer tours, sell medicinal venom [Public] 
2/9/2015 Scientists unravel mystery of snake venom [Public] 
2/7/2015 Owner of African rock python that killed two boys to be charged over deaths [Public] 
1/27/2015 The world's oldest known snake fossils: Rolling back the clock by nearly 70 million years [Public] 
1/21/2015 Happy Birthday Sonja! [Public] 
1/14/2015 Sri Lankan snake species sighted in southern India suggesting ancient land links [Public] 
12/29/2014 Dunedin nixes snake ban after pushback [Public] 
12/23/2014 Edited Reality: What I Learned from Filming Eaten Alive (LONG READ) [Public] 
12/15/2014 Pumpkin contest winner [Public] 
11/11/2014 8 Reasons Discovery's Snake-Eats-Man-Alive Show Is A Terrible Idea [Public] 
11/9/2014 Biggest Venomous Snake Ever Revealed in New Fossils [Public] 
11/2/2014 Herpetologist bitten by a rattlesnake and taipan says snakes get bad rap [Public] 
11/2/2014 World's Longest Snake Has Virgin Birth [Public] 
10/15/2014 So I'm sitting here waiting for a Tinley blog............ [Public] 
9/27/2014 Women find snake in trunk of car rented at Logan [Public] 
9/10/2014 Cottonmouth_natural_history_myths_research_feeding_and_mating_habits [Public] 
9/10/2014 Current largest crocodile in captivity [Public] 
9/7/2014 Hundreds of copperhead snakes removed in Brazoria County neighborhood [Public] 
8/17/2014 Classroom Reptile Pet Program *in support of a good friend* [Public] 
7/29/2014 Huge Florida reptile farm supplies snakes globally [Public] 
7/16/2014 RAT SNAKE INVASION! (and my sexy ass) [Public] 
7/13/2014 Lucy Cooke's near-death by frog [Public] 
7/2/2014 Snakebite Causes Huge Mass in Woman's Leg, 50 Years Later [Public] 
7/1/2014 Copperheads are taking over Atlanta. Here's what they're doing about it..... [Public] 
6/11/2014 Battle For The Everglades: Vets Versus Pythons [Public] 
6/3/2014 Diver comes face to face with 23-foot anaconda [Public] 
5/21/2014 So yesterday.......... [Public] 
5/19/2014 Lost 'Nightsnake' Rediscovered on Volcanic Island off Mexico [Public] 
5/5/2014 Invasion of albino snakes threatens Gran Canaria wildlife [Public] 
4/27/2014 Gopher snake found, killed on Big Island [Public] 
4/5/2014 Mine expansion in Palm Beach County could kill rare snakes [Public] 
3/27/2014 In Russia, croc owns you! [Public] 
3/22/2014 Sea Snakes Stay Dehydrated up to 7 Months Waiting for Fresh Drinking Water [Public] 
3/21/2014 Oldest fossil evidence of modern African venomous snakes found in Tanzania [Public] 
3/19/2014 Florida pythons can find their way home & Michael Jackson's son Prince picks up supplies for his pet snakes [Public] 
3/13/2014 This Tortoise is the Oldest Animal on the Planet. [Public] 
3/12/2014 Why are Some Snakes So Venomous? [Public] 
3/4/2014 At least 6 snakes have reportedly popped out of toilets since last summer [Public] 
3/3/2014 Australia: Snake eats crocodile after battle [Public] 
3/1/2014 Peru Park Sets Record for Reptile, Amphibian Biodiversity [Public] 
2/28/2014 Giant crocodile takes to surf, prompting beach closure in Australia [Public] 
2/5/2014 18-foot Burmese python found in Florida Everglades [Public] 
2/4/2014 Rare iguanas hidden in socks found by UK customs at Heathrow [Public] 
1/29/2014 Mexico's axolotl may have disappeared [Public] 
1/25/2014 Snakes are taking over Alaska [Public] 
1/24/2014 Hey Bethany. I'm just gonna leave this here to show off your awesomeness. [Public] 
1/13/2014 These Are the Exotic Species That Terrify Wildlife Biologists [Public] 
12/23/2013 Close loophole allowing dangerous snakes [Public] 
12/11/2013 How many errors can you find? [Public] 
12/8/2013 Python Surprise: What's Inside Snakes Could Treat a Major Disease [Public] 
11/24/2013 Two Aussies discover venomous snake on windshield [Public] 
11/18/2013 The Largest Snake in the World Has Invaded the United States [Public] 
11/11/2013 Have some news. [Public] 
11/4/2013 Residents sue complex over venomous snakes [Public] 
10/30/2013 Snakes Fueled Evolution Of Primate Brains, Study Suggests [Public] 
10/25/2013 Shedding light on snakes of Redstone Arsenal [Public] 
10/22/2013 Some people deserve it when snakes strike back [Public] 
10/9/2013 Shannon is slowly taking over the world. [Public] 
9/26/2013 Falkville considers large snake ban [Public] 
9/20/2013 Ray Morgan gives lowdown on snakes [Public] 
9/16/2013 I really wish you people would stop linking pics from tumblr to upload on blogs. I can't see them at work. You have been warned. [Public] 
9/11/2013 Truly an amazing article.... [Public] 
9/9/2013 Well hell. She tried anyway. [Public] 
9/3/2013 727-Pound Alligator Smashes State Records [Public] 
9/2/2013 Monster crocodile traps tourist on Australian island [Public] 
8/30/2013 O/T: How Do You Kill Giant Cats? Get Some Giant Dogs [Public] 
8/30/2013 Some Rattlesnakes Losing Their Warning Rattle In S. Dakota [Public] 
8/29/2013 It's mating season for snakes in Alabama [Public] 
8/27/2013 Has anyone else received this email concerning the Rico donation page? [Public] 
8/24/2013 Pet snakes can slither their way into your heart [Public] 
8/21/2013 MN man finds 5-foot boa constrictor [Public] 
8/15/2013 A reality TV show about snake handlers to debut in September [Public] 
8/12/2013 Tracking devices shed light on secret lives of baby snakes [Public] 
8/5/2013 Escaped boa constrictor strangles, kills two children in New Brunswick [Public] 
7/28/2013 Another NFL player and snake story.....and it's full of WIN. [Public] 
7/28/2013 Firefighters discover 28 snakes in Clearfield home after responding to fire [Public] 
7/26/2013 Dog Finds Missing Python That Fled Dartmouth Frat [Public] 
7/24/2013 Teen on mission to give snakes a better name (I think I just found Bethany a BF) [Public] 
7/23/2013 CatX Threatens Entire Herp Nation [Public] 
7/22/2013 Keeping snakes in plastic boxes- a scientific review [Public] 
7/19/2013 Children explore a ‘World of Reptiles’ [Public] 
7/15/2013 Ilha de Queimada Grande [Public] 
7/15/2013 23 animals taken from NSW reptile park [Public] 
7/11/2013 Girls at YWCA science camp impress snake expert with passion, intelligence [Public] 
7/3/2013 Alabama defensive coordinator Kirby Smart kills large snake [Public] 
6/26/2013 Highlights from Emily's visit. [Public] 
6/24/2013 Thoughts on this? [Public] 
6/22/2013 Reptile Show Responsibility [Public] 
6/11/2013 Snake Fungus Found In Tennessee [Public] 
6/4/2013 Deadly snakes saving lives (Video) [Public] 
5/31/2013 Gators, Gila Monster, Snakes Pulled From Wisc. Home [Public] 
5/28/2013 Man wants pay for snakes seized in Miss. porn case [Public] 
5/22/2013 Herping CO with Nate and Joe [Public] 
5/16/2013 Young Texas hunter bags 800-pound alligator [Public] 
5/10/2013 Affection for garter snakes costly for young Alaskan. [Public] 
5/8/2013 Kansas Herp Society: Advocacy toward education. [Public] 
5/2/2013 Here's your feel good story for the day. [Public] 
4/30/2013 Bear Grylls's Producer gets horrific snake bite (GRAPHIC IMAGE IN LINK) [Public] 
4/29/2013 Don't call it a Gila "monster" [Public] 
4/27/2013 Backyard herping..... [Public] 
4/24/2013 Paranormal Phenomenon the Unexplained other oddities and various crap. [Public] 
4/20/2013 Morphs: Have we gone too far? [Public] 
4/19/2013 Exotic snakes found at California Little League field [Public] 
4/18/2013 Lynn and Ken Kubic of Boas and Balls have just suffered a tragedy. [Public] 
4/17/2013 Nice little story.... [Public] 
4/12/2013 Once again Aussies know what's up. [Public] 
4/11/2013 Interesting article regarding self envenomation.... [Public] 
4/5/2013 New spider discovered [Public] 
4/5/2013 Pythons are still a little venomous [Public] 
4/3/2013 This pisses me off to no end.....and should piss you off as well. [Public] 
4/1/2013 Program promotes healthier attitude toward snakes. [Public] 
3/26/2013 Get snake...get arressted. [Public] 
3/22/2013 Hmph... [Public] 
3/21/2013 Another dose of ignorance today...... [Public] 
3/21/2013 If it was a spider this would make sense....... [Public] 
3/18/2013 Town closes road for salamander crossing [Public] 
3/14/2013 Snakes meet fashion at CITES conference.... [Public] 
3/13/2013 This is the funniest looking burm I've ever seen. [Public] 
3/12/2013 Sweetwater was this past weekend...... [Public] 
3/11/2013 Alligator reproductive organ study..... [Public] 
3/8/2013 Alligator found eating body. [Public] 
3/5/2013 Is Killing An Invasive Species Animal Cruelty? [Public] 
3/4/2013 Alice Cooper Concert Proceeds To Benefit Snake Centre [Public] 
3/1/2013 Went shopping. LIKE A BOSS. [Public] 
2/28/2013 Africa > Florida sometimes for weirdness...... [Public] 
2/26/2013 The "non" Fedex truck blog.... [Public] 
2/25/2013 $100,000? Really? [Public] 
2/22/2013 US government to air-drop toxic mice on Guam jungle [Public] 
2/13/2013 What....the....helll have I done? [Public] 
2/12/2013 you need wedding photo ideas? [Public] 
1/27/2013 Animal Trax. The greatest pet shop on earth. [Public] 
1/6/2013 Crap. CRAP CRAP CRAP SOMEONE PUNCH ME! [Public] 
1/1/2013 And my army just keeps growing..... [Public] 
11/30/2012 iHerp is dead today. I'm bored. I'm sick. You people are dull. Entertain me my monkeys... [Public] 
11/10/2012 O/T: World War Z [Public] 
11/9/2012 "Code of ethics" and reptiles..... [Public] 
11/8/2012 WTF just happened..... [Public] 
10/29/2012 For our friends in the NE facing Sandy's wrath: Update us here if you are able. [Public] 
10/25/2012 O/T: For parents with autistic children here is something my wife and I are considering... [Public] 
10/24/2012 O/T: A new toy for me to play with..... [Public] 
10/1/2012 New Addition: I gots me an OLIVE!!!!!! [Public] 
9/27/2012 O/T: Deliciousness. My mom made me this for my bday last week..... [Public] 
9/20/2012 Snake venom could be used to treat cancer, diabetes..... [Public] 
9/18/2012 Nope. No sir. Never going to Australia...... [Public] 
9/11/2012 Vanishing blog and comment day. [Public] 
9/4/2012 Ok, this is the boa of all boas.... [Public] 
9/2/2012 Thanks for the Dubies Mel!!!!!!! [Public] 
8/29/2012 HSUS "Constrictor Snake Attacks" [Public] 
8/24/2012 Hawk Rescue! What a way to close out the week! [Public] 
8/23/2012 Leah is half nekkid again! [Public] 
8/21/2012 BEST. COMMERCIAL. EVER. [Public] 
8/21/2012 New additions...... [Public] 
8/20/2012 O/T: First day of school! [Public] 
8/18/2012 Finally! Got the new caging set up and now the man cave is done! Pics included... [Public] 
8/17/2012 Deadline for Joes video is August 19th at 11:59PM ...... [Public] 
8/12/2012 I just learned something new about iHerp.... [Public] 
8/9/2012 Joe's video...... [Public] 
8/7/2012 More reasons cats suck..... [Public] 
8/5/2012 Little getaway..little find..little welcome home love tap.. [Public] 
8/1/2012 Just wanted to share...... [Public] 
7/27/2012 Let's put the "seperate feeding container" issue to rest......... [Public] 
7/23/2012 Happy Monday for you disgusting bacon lovers....... [Public] 
7/21/2012 6 Cat Behaviors With Evil Explanations [Public] 
7/20/2012 On a happier note...... [Public] 
7/20/2012 It's way more than 6% on my street.... [Public] 
7/13/2012 For Doom......... [Public] 
6/5/2012 So just how is Brad Pitt going to f@#k up the World War Z movie? [Public] 
6/1/2012 Antivenin. More $$ than I thought. [Public] 
5/31/2012 Darwin Award nominee........ [Public] 
5/24/2012 O/T: I have the most awesome window decal. Ever. [Public] 
3/2/2012 Aaron, you MUST do an Iherp version of this......... [Public] 
12/21/2010 Carpet [Public] 
11/9/2010 Vision CB-70 [Public] 
11/3/2010 This should make breeding easier! [Public] 
7/10/2010 BP's. Love/Hate relationship [Public] 
5/7/2010 Iherp is being invaded!!! [Public] 
1/27/2010 History Channel? Seriously? [Public] 
1/13/2010 Gecko ID please...... [Public] 
1/1/2010 Sorry.... [Public] 
1/1/2010 Last log...... [Public] 
1/1/2010 Classifieds..... [Public] 
7/31/2009 Tracking [Public] 
6/9/2009 Animal Trax robbed!!! [Public] 
5/29/2009 Alabama? [Public] 
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