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Sonja K. :


4/7/2019 Happy Birthday! [Public] 
5/2/2018 10 Years Ago and... [Public] 
4/2/2018 No Foolin' [Public] 
12/9/2017 For posting pics... [Public] 
5/18/2017 Argentine Rainbow Boas [Public] 
4/18/2017 Court sides with reptile keepers against giant snake ban [Public] 
4/9/2017 U.S. Court of Appeals says USARK got it right! [Public] 
12/25/2016 On the Twelfth Day of Snakes... [Public] 
12/24/2016 On the Eleventh Day of Snakes... [Public] 
12/23/2016 On the Tenth Day of Snakes... [Public] 
12/23/2016 On the Ninth Day of Snakes: [Public] 
12/21/2016 On the Eighth Day of Snakes... [Public] 
12/20/2016 On the Seventh Day of Snakes... [Public] 
12/19/2016 On the Sixth Day of Snakes... [Public] 
12/18/2016 On the Fifth day of Snakes... [Public] 
12/17/2016 On the Fourth Day of Snakes... [Public] 
12/16/2016 On the Third Day of Snakes... [Public] 
12/15/2016 On the Second Day of Snakes... [Public] 
12/14/2016 The Tradition Continues... 12 Days of Snakes [Public] 
10/12/2016 TINLEY! (Updated - Pics Added and Reflections) [Public] 
6/20/2016 Sunset Boas: What a difference 2 years can make... [Public] 
5/5/2016 More Eggs and 1st Boas of the Season [Public] 
4/28/2016 Cave Dwelling Ratsnakes [Public] 
4/7/2016 Off to a nice start... [Public] 
12/25/2015 On the 12th Day of Snakes... [Public] 
12/24/2015 On the 11th Day of Snakes... [Public] 
12/23/2015 On the 10th Day of Snakes... [Public] 
12/22/2015 On the 9th Day of Snakes... [Public] 
12/21/2015 On the 8th Day of Snakes... [Public] 
12/20/2015 On the 7th Day of Snakes... [Public] 
12/19/2015 On the 6th Day of Snakes... [Public] 
12/18/2015 On the 5th Day of Snakes... [Public] 
12/17/2015 On the 4th Day of Snakes... [Public] 
12/16/2015 On the 3rd Day of Snakes... [Public] 
12/15/2015 10 days 'til Christmas... [Public] 
12/14/2015 12 Days of Snakes! Let the countdown begin! [Public] 
11/15/2015 African Clawed Frogs [Public] 
10/14/2015 Tinley Park 2015 Photobomb [Public] 
10/8/2015 NARBC - Tinley Park 2015 [Public] 
7/13/2015 iHerp Answers : Do you have any open questions? [Public] 
6/4/2015 A Wee Little One... [Public] 
6/2/2015 Burn it down and wait 15 years!? LOL [Public] 
4/20/2015 My First... (more pics added) [Public] 
3/5/2015 Constrictor Rule: Updated [Public] 
2/4/2015 Working on a stack... [Public] 
12/25/2014 On the Twelfth Day of Snakes... (Updated) [Public] 
12/24/2014 On the Eleventh Day of Snakes... [Public] 
12/23/2014 On the Tenth Day of Snakes... [Public] 
12/22/2014 On the Ninth Day of Snakes [Public] 
12/21/2014 On the Eighth Day of Snakes... [Public] 
12/20/2014 On the Seventh Day of Snakes... [Public] 
12/19/2014 On the Sixth Day of Snakes... [Public] 
12/18/2014 I interrupt the 12 Days of Snakes for a Breaking Story... [Public] 
12/18/2014 On the Fifth Day of Snakes... [Public] 
12/17/2014 On the Fourth Day of Snakes... [Public] 
12/16/2014 On the Third Day of Snakes... [Public] 
12/15/2014 On the Second Day of Snakes... [Public] 
12/14/2014 'Tis the Season! Let the 12 Days of Snakes begin! [Public] 
12/6/2014 Recommendations for Basic Photo Editing Software [Public] 
11/17/2014 Mysterious Fungal Disease Proves Deadly in Wild Snakes [Public] 
11/5/2014 THE USARK REPORT: Today Show Rebuttal [Public] 
10/18/2014 Tinley 2014 [Public] 
10/2/2014 Baby Kenyans [Public] 
9/25/2014 A Maple Flapjack [Public] 
9/19/2014 Ooooooh Leiren..... [Public] 
9/18/2014 Happy Birthday, George! [Public] 
8/8/2014 Adventures of Sonja and Sonja - the last chapter for 2014. [Public] 
8/1/2014 Adventures of Sonja & Sonja - Part 3: Calvert Cliffs State Park [Public] 
7/31/2014 The Adventures of Sonja and Sonja 2014 - Part 1 : Carderock [Public] 
7/31/2014 A pair... I finally have a pair! [Public] 
7/12/2014 Too Cute Not to Share [Public] 
7/9/2014 A Baby in a Rush... [Public] 
6/16/2014 More Liasis in the House - Water Pythons have Hatched! [Public] 
5/30/2014 The Cuteness of the Noses! [Public] 
5/29/2014 Olive Python Babies are Here! [Public] 
5/20/2014 A Successful Breeding of My Corn Island Boas: A Not So Common Locality [Public] 
5/1/2014 Filling a Void [Public] 
4/25/2014 The Psychology of Problem Feeders – Get your Ball Python eating again [Public] 
4/22/2014 Louise makes a friend?! [Public] 
4/15/2014 Water(s) Anyone? [Public] 
4/14/2014 My First Babies of 2014 Have Arrived! [Public] 
4/11/2014 George + Martha = Axolotl Eggs! [Public] 
3/12/2014 Baron's Racer Eggs [Public] 
3/10/2014 Olive Python Breeding 2013-2014 [Public] 
2/26/2014 Rat-Bite Fever [Public] 
2/16/2014 Reality-Show Snake-Handling Pastor Dies -- From Snake Bite [Public] 
2/12/2014 OT - My Newest Non-Herp Additions [Public] 
1/30/2014 So Sad... "California Home found packed with Pythons" [Public] 
1/1/2014 Happy New Year: Celebrating with Arboreals [Public] 
12/30/2013 Craigslist!? Seriously?! What are the chances!? [Public] 
12/25/2013 On the Twelfth Day of Snakes... Merry Christmas! [Public] 
12/24/2013 On the Eleventh Day of Snakes... [Public] 
12/24/2013 Reptile keepers want US python ban overturned [Public] 
12/23/2013 On the Tenth Day of Snakes... [Public] 
12/22/2013 On the Ninth Day of Snakes... [Public] 
12/21/2013 On the Eighth Day of Snakes... [Public] 
12/20/2013 On the Seventh Day of Snakes... [Public] 
12/19/2013 USARK Takes Action [Public] 
12/19/2013 On the Sixth Day of Snakes... [Public] 
12/18/2013 On the Fifth Day of Snakes... [Public] 
12/17/2013 On the Fourth Day of Snakes... [Public] 
12/16/2013 On the Third Day of Snakes... [Public] 
12/15/2013 On the Second Day of Snakes... [Public] 
12/14/2013 'Tis That Time of Year... [Public] 
11/18/2013 Vaughn's Story - A Tale of Recovery [Public] 
11/4/2013 And now for the blog George and Aimee have been waiting for! New Guineas! [Public] 
11/4/2013 New MTB Additions [Public] 
10/31/2013 Pumpkin Love [Public] 
10/27/2013 ATB Litter #3 [Public] 
10/1/2013 Redheaded Beaked Snake Breeding - Update on the Eggs [Public] 
9/23/2013 2nd ATB Litter of the Year [Public] 
9/19/2013 Authorities find 850 illegal snakes in animal control officer’s home [Public] 
9/16/2013 Baby Sand Boas [Public] 
9/10/2013 The Baby Sanz Are 10 Weeks Old - Updated Pics [Public] 
8/20/2013 Playing Peek-a-Boo and I'm Gonna Get You [Public] 
8/11/2013 Snake Bite Victim Hit with $55,000 Hospital Bill [Public] 
8/9/2013 So much wrong with this... [Public] 
7/23/2013 Rodent & Reptile Neglect: 2 Face Animal Cruelty Charges at Calif. Breeder (Global Captive Breeders) [Public] 
7/18/2013 Individual Pics of the Mandarin Sanzinia Babies and a Little Update [Public] 
7/15/2013 Baron's (Speed) Racers! [Public] 
7/15/2013 A Few Pics from Shawn's (Ballophile's) Visit [Public] 
7/9/2013 Anybody like Red Heads? [Public] 
7/2/2013 (OT) Encounters with Sonja's Parrots - The last chapter of the 2013 Adventures of Sonja & Sonja [Public] 
7/2/2013 Individual pics of the Dumeril's Babies [Public] 
6/30/2013 Dumeril's Babies! [Public] 
6/28/2013 Madagascar Tree Boa Breeding and BABIES!!! [Public] 
6/25/2013 Sonja and Sonja Go Herping [Public] 
6/25/2013 Sonja and Sonja's FLAMINGO Encounter at the National Aviary [Public] 
6/21/2013 Encounters at the National Aviary (First of Two) [Public] 
6/18/2013 The Adventures of Sonja & Sonja - Part 2 - The Catoctin Zoo [Public] 
6/17/2013 The Adventures of Sonja & Sonja 2013 - Part 1 - Hamburg Reptile Show in June [Public] 
6/3/2013 Tour of my Herp Room [Public] 
5/31/2013 Pancake Torts Out and About [Public] 
5/24/2013 I guess I always have herps on the mind... [Public] 
5/1/2013 Welcome Back! [Public] 
4/26/2013 Angolan Pythons [Public] 
3/29/2013 Afternoon "Squeelight" - 2013 Rhino Ratsnakes [Public] 
3/25/2013 See This?! [Public] 
3/19/2013 Olive Python Breeding... [Public] 
2/25/2013 When Belly-Up is a Good Thing [Public] 
2/4/2013 Remember? [Public] 
1/24/2013 For the Love of Betty... [Public] 
1/23/2013 I did some pricing comparisons... [Public] 
1/22/2013 Young Animal Wrangler Sparks Controversy [Public] 
1/17/2013 2013 Is Year Of The Snake, And All That Slithers Is Not Bad, Says Texas A&M Prof [Public] 
1/11/2013 Guard Alligator [Public] 
1/7/2013 Green Cat Snake (Boiga cyanea) [Public] 
1/1/2013 Happy New Year 2013 [Public] 
12/25/2012 Merry Christmas ~ The Countdown Finale [Public] 
12/24/2012 Christmas Eve Pics [Public] 
12/23/2012 The Countdown Continues... 2 days 'til Christmas [Public] 
12/22/2012 The Days are Flying By... 3 Days ' Til Christmas [Public] 
12/21/2012 Kids bring home the darndest things... [Public] 
12/21/2012 4 More Days with a Couple Epicrates [Public] 
12/20/2012 Just 5 More Days... [Public] 
12/19/2012 Down to Under a Week... 6 More Days [Public] 
12/18/2012 Just 7 More Days... [Public] 
12/17/2012 Racing towards Christmas - 8 Days to Go [Public] 
12/16/2012 Counting Down - 9 Days 'Til Christmas [Public] 
12/15/2012 The Countdown Continues... 10 days 'til Christmas [Public] 
12/14/2012 12 Days of Snakes - The Countdown Begins [Public] 
12/12/2012 12 - 12 - 12 (OT) [Public] 
12/3/2012 Post Shed Pics of Baby ATBs [Public] 
11/29/2012 Rings! [Public] 
11/26/2012 Helping Mystic [Public] 
10/31/2012 Some Halloween Squeee! [Public] 
10/25/2012 Liasis in the Leaves [Public] 
10/23/2012 5 Little Blessings... [Public] 
10/16/2012 Boom! Ka-Pow! It's a Photo Bomb! Tinley Park - NARBC - October 2012 [Public] 
9/22/2012 I agree with this logic... [Public] 
9/6/2012 For Aaron.... Show your iHerp Pride! [Public] 
9/4/2012 Show me your "Dinker"... [Public] 
8/22/2012 Minnesota Reptile Show (August 2012) [Public] 
8/22/2012 Pics of my Roach Set Up [Public] 
8/8/2012 I Wonder... [Public] 
7/31/2012 Whitney Delivered... [Public] 
7/19/2012 A Recap of the Pairing Between Mystic and Chance (Warning... LONG with lots of Pics) [Public] 
7/18/2012 Mike (cainescolumbians) stops by for a visit... [Public] 
7/6/2012 Python found wrapped on foot of Mattoon baby [Public] 
6/18/2012 Field Herping - Sherburne National Wildlife Refuge [Public] 
6/14/2012 Whooooo's Birthday could it be today? [Public] 
5/30/2012 Eastern Garters, Redbellies, and a Snapper [Public] 
5/29/2012 4 Perfect Babies! [Public] 
5/25/2012 Too Excited Not to Share! [Public] 
5/12/2012 Welcome Flapjack! [Public] 
5/12/2012 The Adventures of Sonja and Sonja - Part 4 - The Final Chapter for 2012 [Public] 
5/8/2012 The Adventures of Sonja and Sonja 2012 - Part 1 - The Maryland Zoo (LOTS of Pics!) [Public] 
5/2/2012 My iHerp Anniversary [Public] 
4/26/2012 Hamburg this Saturday... [Public] 
4/19/2012 OT... Next New Year's Eve... It Just Won't be Quite the Same [Public] 
4/6/2012 Photo Shoot of my Eastern Tiger Snakes (Telescopus semiannulatus) [Public] 
4/3/2012 My First Colubrid Breeding = Success = Rhino Rat Snake Eggs have Arrived! [Public] 
3/31/2012 OT... What's behind your screen name? [Public] 
3/30/2012 Australian Water Pythons ~ Liasis fuscus [Public] 
3/16/2012 Reflecting on Five Years of Keeping Reptiles.... [Public] 
3/15/2012 New Leopard Frog Species Discovered in Unlikely Location [Public] 
3/12/2012 Felt kind of bad for Reyna... [Public] 
2/27/2012 My experience with Parrot Snakes... thus far... [Public] 
2/3/2012 IJs [Public] 
1/31/2012 Bringing You Some Jungle Love [Public] 
1/30/2012 A bit off topic, but not a lot.... [Public] 
12/31/2011 Happy New Year!!! [Public] 
12/20/2011 Happy Holidays to All! Christmas Day with my Rhino Rats! [Public] 
12/19/2011 The Counting Down Continues... with an Aru [Public] 
12/18/2011 The Countdown Continues... 8 days and it will be Christmas! [Public] 
12/17/2011 9 Days Until it's Christmas! [Public] 
12/16/2011 Yikes! Christmas is in 10 Days! The Countdown Continues... [Public] 
12/15/2011 11 Days 'Til Christmas.... [Public] 
12/14/2011 12 Days of Snakes - The Tradition Continues... [Public] 
12/6/2011 Aaron is to Blame! [Public] 
11/11/2011 Been Wanting These for a Long Time... [Public] 
11/8/2011 Let's Play Name that Snake! [Public] 
10/31/2011 Update on Hadiah, My First Chondro [Public] 
10/26/2011 I Love the Olives... [Public] 
10/17/2011 Do you see what I see?! [Public] 
10/12/2011 LOTS of Pics from Tinley - DUW! [Public] 
10/6/2011 Bahamian Boas [Public] 
10/5/2011 Autumn pics of my JCP and one of my Timors [Public] 
10/4/2011 I have to confess... [Public] 
10/3/2011 Updated Pics of Iliana [Public] 
9/27/2011 Field Herping [Public] 
9/22/2011 New pics of my Tiger Snake (Telescopus semiannulatus ) [Public] 
9/20/2011 Updated pics of my Herald's Snake (African White-Lipped Snake) [Public] 
9/19/2011 A Shout Out for Amanda (of browncoatbreeding) [Public] 
9/16/2011 (OT) Something you don't see everyday... [Public] 
9/13/2011 Proud Chondro Mommy Moment... [Public] 
9/7/2011 Northern WLPs [Public] 
8/24/2011 Welcome to the "Jungle" [Public] 
8/19/2011 Introducing Hadiah [Public] 
7/29/2011 I Found Me a Boy! LOL [Public] 
7/25/2011 Telescopus semiannulatus (Commonly known as a Tiger Snake or Tiger Cat Snake) [Public] 
7/19/2011 Female Rhino Ratsnake [Public] 
7/12/2011 New Pics of My Timor Pythons [Public] 
6/30/2011 An Incredible "Something Else in the Box" [Public] 
6/28/2011 New Bredl's Python Adults [Public] 
6/27/2011 Jack and Me [Public] 
6/26/2011 A Shot-Out for Ashleigh! [Public] 
6/21/2011 More appreciation goes out to my friend Sonja.... [Public] 
6/20/2011 I have Sanzinias Again!! [Public] 
6/20/2011 New Dumeril's Boa - a BIG Boy, but oh what a Sweetie! [Public] 
6/18/2011 Happy to Report... (Update on the Survivor's Recovery) [Public] 
6/13/2011 My First Morelia... [Public] 
6/8/2011 From Two Dear Friends.... [Public] 
5/31/2011 With the Flip of a Switch... So Many Gone... [Public] 
5/22/2011 Rhino Rat Snake [Public] 
5/14/2011 Epicrates striatus strigilatus [Public] 
5/13/2011 The "Higher End" Animals... [Public] 
5/13/2011 Sonja's Pups [Public] 
5/12/2011 My Visit to the Warehouse of Outback Reptiles [Public] 
5/12/2011 Another Boa Litter... My 4th of the Season [Public] 
5/12/2011 New Additions... [Public] 
5/9/2011 Final Entry of Pics from the National Zoo [Public] 
5/6/2011 National Zoo - Birds of all sorts [Public] 
5/6/2011 The National Zoo - Featuring the Big Cats [Public] 
5/5/2011 Third Litter of Boas has Arrived [Public] 
5/4/2011 Herps at the National Zoo [Public] 
5/3/2011 Hamburg Pics [Public] 
4/25/2011 Easter Babies! My Second Litter of Boas has arrived... [Public] 
4/20/2011 Python Clutch #2 of the Season... [Public] 
4/16/2011 Today I got my first Boa litter of the season [Public] 
4/14/2011 First python clutch of the season is here!! (Pics added) [Public] 
4/14/2011 Nothing Better to Help Pass the Time... [Public] 
4/11/2011 Not unexpected, but still somewhat disappointing... [Public] 
4/3/2011 Loving it! : ) [Public] 
3/22/2011 It bothers me that this kind of stuff still happens... [Public] 
2/3/2011 Additional info. on the recent Copperhead snake bite and death in Florida (Arrest Made) - Additional links added. [Public] 
1/29/2011 Looking forward to Longicaudas... [Public] 
1/26/2011 Sunsets on the horizon... [Public] 
1/21/2011 Just Curious [Public] 
1/20/2011 Just Curious [Public] 
12/31/2010 Snakes of New Year's [Public] 
12/25/2010 The Countdown Finale... Happy Holidays to All! [Public] 
12/24/2010 It's Time for Christmas Eve Pictures! [Public] 
12/23/2010 "Guarded" Celebration [Public] 
12/23/2010 3 Days 'Til Christmas [Public] 
12/22/2010 4 More Days ... [Public] 
12/21/2010 5 Days 'Til Christmas with a Beautiful Pair... [Public] 
12/20/2010 "We Wish You a Boa Christmas!" (6 Days 'Til Christmas) [Public] 
12/19/2010 7 Days 'Til Christmas - "A Couple Balls of Holly" [Public] 
12/18/2010 8 Days 'Til Christmas with an '08 Olive [Public] 
12/17/2010 9 Days 'Til Christmas [Public] 
12/16/2010 10 Days 'Til Christmas - The Countdown Continues! [Public] 
12/15/2010 11 Days 'Til Christmas with "Glory" [Public] 
12/14/2010 12 Days of Snakes.... The Countdown Begins [Public] 
11/24/2010 Giant Chinese Green Snakes (Cyclophiops major) [Public] 
11/9/2010 "Glory" - My 2010 Holdback New Guinea Water Python [Public] 
11/9/2010 And so it begins... (Shed pic added) [Public] 
11/3/2010 First Meals for my White Lipped Snakes (aka Herald Snakes)!! : ) [Public] 
9/20/2010 What My Oldest Boy Came Home With Last Night... [Public] 
8/10/2010 Updated Pics of My Savu [Public] 
8/9/2010 New Guinea Water Pythons Out and On the Move... [Public] 
8/7/2010 They have begun pipping! [Public] 
7/20/2010 Works of "Art" in the Making... [Public] 
7/16/2010 Reminiscing... [Public] 
7/13/2010 Peruvian Rainbow Boa [Public] 
7/12/2010 Red Bellied Snakes and Eastern Garters [Public] 
7/6/2010 Buzz Buzz Buzz... [Public] 
6/20/2010 In Honor of Father's Day... [Public] 
6/14/2010 New Guinea Water Python EGGS!! [Public] 
6/10/2010 Not Good News... A Man was killed by his Boa [Public] 
6/10/2010 THE FINAL FOUR ARE OUT!!! (Updated with individual pics of the clutch...) [Public] 
6/8/2010 Eek! Spiders! : ) [Check back for more pics!] *1st Spider out now!* [Public] 
6/7/2010 Individual Pics of Adrian's Babies [Public] 
6/4/2010 Adrian had her babies!! [Public] 
6/4/2010 Field Herping Near Grand Rapids, Minnesota [Public] 
5/24/2010 Updated Individual Pics of my Anery Babies [Public] 
5/21/2010 Toadie Lovin' (and some turtles, too.) [Public] 
5/15/2010 OT: The Eagles of Hornby Island (Live Eagle Cam) [Public] 
5/15/2010 Exotic animals being seized in Milwaukee... [Public] 
5/10/2010 Made My Day... [Public] 
4/28/2010 Super Hypo Sonoran Boas [Public] 
4/25/2010 Minnesota Reptile Show - Pics [Public] 
4/18/2010 Individual Pics of Raven's Babies (Lots of pics) [Public] 
4/14/2010 Let the Fun Begin.... Updated... More pics added : ) [Public] 
4/4/2010 Where did all the Pythons go? [Public] 
4/4/2010 A Message from Me and Daphne... [Public] 
3/27/2010 Dang it... again! [Public] 
3/26/2010 Holding My Breath... and Hoping for the Best [Public] 
3/18/2010 Dang it... [Public] 
3/16/2010 The Bell has Rung! Let the Fight Begin... [Public] 
3/6/2010 Just Announced... Reptile Show coming to Minnesota end of April! [Public] 
3/5/2010 Photo Shoot of One of My Mexican Black King Snakes + Updated Pics of My Corn Snakes [Public] 
2/23/2010 Photo Shoot of My Nicaraguan Boas [Public] 
2/18/2010 This Past Weekend... (Warning some pictures are graphic/surgical in nature) [Public] 
2/12/2010 "Snake Market Crash..." [Public] 
2/4/2010 To answer Ed's question about my Cuban... [Public] 
2/4/2010 A Little Cuban "Attitude" [Public] 
2/3/2010 Update to Seized Animals in Arlington... [Public] 
2/2/2010 My Little Cave Dwelling Rat Snake [Public] 
2/1/2010 Not Her Year... [Public] 
1/18/2010 My Reptile Room [Public] 
1/8/2010 Jeff Ronne's Video Re: Stop S373 [Public] 
12/25/2009 MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! (The Grand Finale...) [DUW] [Public] 
12/24/2009 The Countdown Continues... Pics for Christmas Eve.... [Public] 
12/23/2009 3 Days 'til Christmas... [Public] 
12/22/2009 4 Days 'til Christmas... [Public] 
12/21/2009 5 Days 'til Christmas... with my WLP [Public] 
12/21/2009 OMG!!! 30,000!!! [Public] 
12/20/2009 6 Days 'til Christmas... [Public] 
12/19/2009 7 days 'til Christmas... [Public] 
12/18/2009 8 Days 'til Christmas... [Public] 
12/17/2009 9 Days 'til Christmas... [Public] 
12/16/2009 "US Chamber of Commerce Opposes S373" [Public] 
12/16/2009 New youtube link on S373 [Public] 
12/16/2009 Another example of the kind of thinking we are up against... [Public] 
12/16/2009 10 Days 'til Christmas.... [Public] 
12/15/2009 11 Days 'til Christmas.... [Public] 
12/14/2009 12 Days until Christmas and the First of 12 Days of Snakes... [Public] 
12/14/2009 Interview with Jack Hanna on Fox News Re: S373 [Public] 
12/12/2009 Patternless Tanimbar Scrub [Public] 
12/11/2009 "Ashley" (Updated Pics for Nate) [Public] 
12/10/2009 Sigh.... HSUS Press Release [Public] 
12/10/2009 Stimson's Pythons [Public] 
12/2/2009 Photo Session of my Hogg Island Boa, "Hugger" (Lots of Pictures) [Public] 
11/25/2009 Other Feeding Pics... [Public] 
11/12/2009 NatGeo Weighs in on Python Ban [Public] 
10/30/2009 Happy Halloween! [Public] 
10/21/2009 Long Overdue Tinley Blog... (Warning - LOTS of Pics) [Public] 
9/16/2009 Kind of sad.... [Public] 
7/31/2009 Report on the Today Show this morning... (link to vid) [Public] 
5/18/2009 Woma in the Grass [Public] 
5/11/2009 My Mother's Day 2009... [Public] 
4/7/2009 *PLEASE READ* - An Important Reminder.... [Public] 
4/6/2009 *Update* about "Herpers" Documentary Film [Public] 
3/25/2009 So excited about my new BCCs (several pics) [Public] 
3/23/2009 Sometimes a breeding project can throw you for a loop... (Lots of pics) [Public] 
3/18/2009 Some other Apple pics... (Lots of them! LOL) [Public] 
3/3/2009 Peruvian vs. Brazilian Rainbow Boas [Public] 
2/11/2009 The Newest Addition to Our Zoo.... [Public] 
2/4/2009 Story about 2 pythons that escaped in Calif. [Public] 
2/2/2009 "Herpers" - Check it out!!! [Public] 
1/15/2009 A Change Is In The Air..... [Public] 
11/26/2008 Less Than 10 Minutes... [Public] 
11/15/2008 Our Reptile Room [Public] 
10/31/2008 Happy Halloween! [Public] 
10/6/2008 Wonder what will come of this!!? [Public] 
10/1/2008 Two Sonjas in the House!! [Public] 
9/27/2008 Looking for a Recommendation... [Public] 
9/15/2008 OMG! [Public] 
8/22/2008 NARBC / Chicago (Tinley Park) [Public] 
7/22/2008 I'm Curious... [Public] 
7/16/2008 Did Some Field Herping Near Grand Rapids, Minnesota... [Public] 
7/13/2008 Update On Our Rescued Boa, Boo Boo... [Public] 
6/24/2008 Field Herping in Minnesota -@ Afton State Park [Public] 
6/20/2008 Another Update on "Boo Boo" (Rescue) [Public] 
6/11/2008 Update on Boo Boo (New Rescue) [Public] 
6/9/2008 New Rescue [Public] 
6/6/2008 First Breeding = Success! [Public] 
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