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8/4/2020 New thermostat on the way [Public] 
7/29/2020 Terrible shipping experience [Public] 
2/5/2020 Evacuation with reptiles [Public] 
4/15/2019 Man killed by cassowary bird [Public] 
4/8/2019 17' female burm in the Everglades [Public] 
4/2/2019 Small beardie? [Public] 
4/18/2017 For PA herp keepers-- restrictive law banning "more than four pets per household" [Public] 
2/8/2017 Finally! [Public] 
10/26/2016 Denoting lineage in your ID numbers [Public] 
10/11/2016 Rolling in new species! [Public] 
10/7/2016 Exciting additions [Public] 
8/15/2016 Gecko Species 3: Bibron's or Turner's Gecko [Public] 
7/31/2016 My First Sale [Public] 
7/26/2016 Misting Systems [Public] 
7/24/2016 Food options [Public] 
6/3/2016 Reptile Keeper Problems [Public] 
4/10/2016 Who does this?! [Public] 
4/5/2016 All-MD Reptile Show? Who is going? [Public] 
4/1/2016 Satin Spiny Mice for sale! [Public] 
3/26/2016 "Rescues" [Public] 
3/11/2016 Planted Day Gecko Viv! [Public] 
3/6/2016 Check out my pied, 7 months later! [Public] 
3/2/2016 Day Geckos = Love [Public] 
2/16/2016 Great (human related) news!! [Public] 
2/14/2016 This years crested gecko pairing [Public] 
2/4/2016 Two new cresties [Public] 
1/21/2016 Frogs have no willpower [Public] 
1/8/2016 81 day feeding strike ends [Public] 
12/30/2015 Finally! A 50 gallon ExoTerra for my beardie. [Public] 
8/23/2015 Ideal herp room? [Public] 
8/22/2015 How do snakes know when it's feeding day? [Public] 
8/20/2015 She's home! [Public] 
8/17/2015 Rosy boa [Public] 
8/13/2015 Feeding... is not going to be an issue [Public] 
8/12/2015 Better things! [Public] 
8/8/2015 Good things [Public] 
1/13/2015 Cresties- why are they still so pricey? [Public] 
1/9/2015 New baby (pending) [Public] 
1/7/2015 Homeless herps just keep finding me [Public] 
11/10/2014 Herping curse? [Public] 
10/29/2014 Fleas... how I hate them [Public] 
10/29/2014 A-freakin-dorable [Public] 
10/23/2014 Anyone need replacement UV lights? [Public] 
9/26/2014 Homeless alligator at a shelter in Washington DC [Public] 
5/27/2014 It's been so long... getting a new baby Crestie to feed [Public] 
5/24/2014 Unusual surprise for my house! [Public] 
5/10/2014 All-MD Reptile show is sucking lately [Public] 
3/22/2014 Sometimes when I am bored, I taunt animal rights activists who respond to my CL ads [Public] 
3/11/2014 Chicks are pipping! [Public] 
3/10/2014 Aquarium Updates [Public] 
3/2/2014 New beardie viv [Public] 
2/28/2014 You're never prepared... [Public] 
2/25/2014 Mythical Objects in Pet Owning Homes [Public] 
2/23/2014 10 gallon one week later [Public] 
2/19/2014 Did some re-arranging [Public] 
1/31/2014 Any gardeners on iHerp? [Public] 
1/23/2014 Fall and Winter Hunting Season is coming to an end... let's see your pics! [Public] 
1/21/2014 Snow Day [Public] 
1/6/2014 Turtles in temporary containers? [Public] 
12/30/2013 Another reason why I effing HATE out current government... [Public] 
10/25/2013 He's here! Red-eared slider! [Public] 
10/18/2013 He's here! Ember! [Public] 
10/18/2013 Not a reptile CL ad... but... funny! [Public] 
10/15/2013 Exciting week! Two new scaled pals & an unexpected gerbil litter [Public] 
10/4/2013 Adoption approved! [Public] 
10/4/2013 Do you ever feel like you're being watched? [Public] 
10/3/2013 Where do you draw the line on ethics & reptile breeding? [Public] 
10/3/2013 "Turtle Tuff" splash proof bulbs [Public] 
10/2/2013 Christmas with pets [Public] 
9/27/2013 Down payment sent... [Public] 
9/24/2013 CT court to decide whether all horses in state should be considered "vicious" [Public] 
9/23/2013 Showcase Cages-- worth the price? [Public] 
8/25/2013 Crocodile attacks and takes man in NW Territory Park, Australia [Public] 
8/13/2013 Working from Home with Pets: A Myth [Public] 
7/31/2013 One law we may be able to (and probably should) help with [Public] 
7/28/2013 Time to replace heat lamps? [Public] 
7/26/2013 My pack and my pride! [Public] 
7/26/2013 Booster shots for dogs & cats- do you do them every year? [Public] 
7/16/2013 Let's see some pics of giant reptiles-- grown up! [Public] 
7/14/2013 Need some cat advice- UPDATED-- vet records obtained [Public] 
7/3/2013 Uneven snake number [Public] 
7/1/2013 Update on the Porch Cat [Public] 
6/20/2013 Grendel [Public] 
6/6/2013 Another case of animal dumping :-( [Public] 
1/26/2013 Anyone into retro video games? [Public] 
12/29/2012 17 foot burm shot and killed in S. Fla picnic area [Public] 
12/9/2012 Red vs Blue and the ignorant masses [Public] 
12/6/2012 My first spawning of convicts [Public] 
12/5/2012 When it rains... [Public] 
11/20/2012 Can we talk guns? [Public] 
11/16/2012 As if I need anything else... dog injury! [Public] 
11/14/2012 Half the book... different cover [Public] 
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