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3/17/2020 End of an era :( [Public] 
12/26/2019 Happy Holidays [Public] 
3/21/2019 Happy Spring everyone [Public] 
6/12/2018 Craigslist comedy [Public] 
6/9/2018 Wink, Jr. [Public] 
6/4/2018 This snapper wants to know.. [Public] 
1/6/2018 Gators [Public] 
6/16/2017 Three in a tree [Public] 
4/21/2017 Need to vent [Public] 
11/13/2016 Double whammy [Public] 
10/12/2016 Your thoughts? [Public] 
10/9/2016 What kind of snake? [Public] 
6/14/2016 What a wuss! [Public] 
4/30/2016 Rat snake: 3, Momma bird: 0 [Public] 
4/27/2016 Red-Bellied water snake relocation, and some subflavus pics [Public] 
3/25/2016 First rescue/relocation of the year [Public] 
9/25/2015 A welcome intruder! [Public] 
9/6/2015 Ray? Helen? Name the new boxie. [Public] 
5/29/2015 First time ever? [Public] 
4/14/2015 Good article on laws/regulations [Public] 
4/5/2015 Tough loss [Public] 
11/26/2014 Happy Thanksgiving! [Public] 
9/6/2014 Copperhead fun, saving snakes [Public] 
7/4/2014 Jack says... [Public] 
5/29/2014 Animal Planet is so bad... [Public] 
5/7/2014 Jack the ambassador [Public] 
4/29/2014 Jobless but still taking pics [Public] 
3/5/2014 Sounds like snake food to me... [Public] 
2/15/2014 Fresh shed head shot (say that three times fast!) [Public] 
2/10/2014 OT: Euthanized giraffe [Public] 
1/16/2014 Need a vacation.... [Public] 
12/26/2013 Just some pics... [Public] 
11/27/2013 Happy Hanukkah and/or Thanksgiving [Public] 
10/31/2013 Halloween is a good opportunity... [Public] 
10/4/2013 Chilabothrus subflavus, a tort and a turt [Public] 
9/26/2013 NY Times article on cow control [Public] 
9/22/2013 Bonus workout this morning! [Public] 
7/26/2013 My fishin' buddy [Public] 
7/6/2013 Suburban herpin', latest photos [Public] 
6/26/2013 Finally a good reason (besides taking a dump)... [Public] 
6/15/2013 Almost killed Jack today. [Public] 
6/13/2013 Why I don't watch "nature" shows anymore. [Public] 
5/23/2013 Suburban herping [Public] 
5/12/2013 Got some lawn protection [Public] 
5/8/2013 Spring pictures [Public] 
3/6/2013 OT: Non-python, idiotic legislation from the Sunshine state [Public] 
1/23/2013 Python hunt a "cheap stunt" [Public] 
1/2/2013 Good (yes, good) story about a giant snake [Public] 
12/8/2012 Happy Hanukkah!! [Public] 
11/23/2012 Bath time [Public] 
11/1/2012 Interesting bit by George Carlin [Public] 
9/22/2012 Another one! [Public] 
9/1/2012 Jamaican boas outside [Public] 
8/22/2012 Yes, another successful copperhead rescue [Public] 
8/18/2012 A new occupier! [Public] 
8/5/2012 Munching chelonians [Public] 
7/11/2012 What's the next best thing to getting a new herp? [Public] 
6/30/2012 Independence day thoughts [Public] 
6/17/2012 Tortoise in the (lush Zeon Zoysia) grass [Public] 
6/3/2012 Exciting evening, copperheads and possums [Public] 
5/23/2012 I think I'm going to get my 15 minutes of fame... [Public] 
5/12/2012 Yardwork with a buddy, and occupiers invade... [Public] 
4/4/2012 Good news for a change, Duke re-appears! [Public] 
3/20/2012 @&!^*@, a bit too late to save this one. [Public] 
3/19/2012 Bringing science to the forefront?? [Public] 
11/4/2011 Jamaican spaghetti [Public] 
10/21/2011 Another nail in the coffin? [Public] 
10/4/2011 Endangered species: pics and a philosophical question [Public] 
9/23/2011 Snakes and hearing [Public] 
9/17/2011 A tort in the grass... [Public] 
8/16/2011 A good invasive species. [Public] 
8/13/2011 First day volunteering [Public] 
8/10/2011 "Fishy odor" alright... [Public] 
7/9/2011 Introducing Duke... [Public] 
7/3/2011 Building a retaining wall :) [Public] 
6/17/2011 OT: Sad day [Public] 
5/27/2011 Some crocs and gators [Public] 
5/23/2011 Baby Bluebirds are yummy! [Public] 
5/17/2011 Guns and herps [Public] 
5/13/2011 Fresh Jamaican skin [Public] 
4/29/2011 More herp discrimination and moral busybodies [Public] 
4/8/2011 Celebrate with some pics [Public] 
1/17/2011 Full bellies [Public] 
1/7/2011 Ohio "exotic" animal ban [Public] 
12/7/2010 No sleeves tonight... [Public] 
12/5/2010 Something up my sleeve... [Public] 
11/19/2010 Fresh shed, mon [Public] 
11/12/2010 Should I or shouldn't I? [Public] 
10/31/2010 Revision of mainland Epicrates classification [Public] 
10/14/2010 Even smart snakes have their dumb moments [Public] 
9/12/2010 Jamaican boa comparison [Public] 
9/3/2010 Comedy Central.... not so funny. [Public] 
9/1/2010 Did we all donate money to HSUS?? [Public] 
8/22/2010 Teen Mob [Public] 
8/21/2010 "Anaconda" story retraction [Public] 
8/18/2010 Good news, bad news, good news... [Public] 
8/17/2010 How stupid can the media get?? [Public] 
8/9/2010 A few Jamaican shots.... [Public] 
7/27/2010 More Keys iguanas.... [Public] 
7/26/2010 Florida Keys Iguana Numbers 1 and 2 [Public] 
7/14/2010 Toadal chaos [Public] 
7/12/2010 Feng Shui bamboo mon! [Public] 
6/26/2010 Fresh skin [Public] 
6/14/2010 A couple local finds [Public] 
6/5/2010 Jamaican in the grass [Public] 
5/27/2010 Rat snake rescue and relo [Public] 
5/24/2010 Snake in the GREEN grass [Public] 
5/15/2010 Re-uniting with a not-so-old friend? [Public] 
5/15/2010 Related to Sean Penn? [Public] 
5/11/2010 They want your rainbows, carpets, gtp's and water pythons also... [Public] 
5/9/2010 Regulatory crap plus some boa pics [Public] 
5/1/2010 Still laughing, old sponge! [Public] 
4/27/2010 Feeding time for Jack, and the aftermath... [Public] 
4/12/2010 Another successful copperhead relocation! [Public] 
4/11/2010 Local snakes [Public] 
4/3/2010 Photo session with Mendoza [Public] 
3/15/2010 Lots of pics from Reptile and Amphibian Day at the museum [Public] 
3/13/2010 Big and little, fun day at the museum! [Public] 
2/25/2010 Everglades burms discussions [Public] 
2/21/2010 Pedro gets a new lease on life [Public] 
2/14/2010 OT: Why no one invades Switzerland and the crime rate is so low [Public] 
2/11/2010 Request for exhibitors, NC Museum of Natural Sciences [Public] 
2/8/2010 Presentations website update [Public] 
2/6/2010 Yellow Tail Wine, HSUS [Public] 
2/4/2010 Presentations website [Public] 
1/28/2010 Killer boa invades my home!!! [Public] 
1/24/2010 I love corn snakes.... [Public] 
1/20/2010 Rhode Island Senator's response [Public] 
1/19/2010 Rhode Island joins the insanity [Public] 
1/18/2010 FL anaconda, fyi... [Public] 
1/11/2010 Is junk science finally exposing itself?? [Public] 
1/5/2010 Great news! [Public] 
12/29/2009 OT: Guess the fish [Public] 
12/18/2009 Happy Holidays! [Public] 
12/12/2009 Surfing the web with Mendoza, and Happy Hanukkah! [Public] 
12/6/2009 Jamaica mon! [Public] 
11/24/2009 Bad news, good news, better news... and Happy Thanksgiving! [Public] 
11/2/2009 End of season sod pics, and some herping/miscellaneous pics [Public] 
10/26/2009 Megaconda??? [Public] 
10/20/2009 Almost bought the farm yesterday... [Public] 
9/23/2009 I love Jack... most of the time [Public] 
9/13/2009 Has the fat lady sung? [Public] 
9/10/2009 Bredl's on my messy desk [Public] 
9/1/2009 Conjoined rattlers [Public] 
8/24/2009 Rainbow boa on lush sod... [Public] 
8/21/2009 Freshly shed indigo on lush turf... [Public] 
7/16/2009 Serpentarium pics! [Public] 
7/15/2009 Gotta love the press [Public] 
7/3/2009 Pre vacation "copperhead" rescue, Rainbow Boa pics [Public] 
6/29/2009 Well, at least they are not blaming Joe Sixpack anymore [Public] 
6/26/2009 Well, I tried to be creative [Public] 
6/10/2009 "Orcastrated" attack and training session [Public] 
6/5/2009 Time for iBird website? [Public] 
6/4/2009 Wish I had my camera... [Public] 
5/31/2009 Fishing frenzy [Public] 
5/29/2009 Everglades pythons - they're stepping it up a notch [Public] 
5/21/2009 New sod, new skin [Public] 
5/18/2009 Dangerous crested geckos in Canada! [Public] 
5/17/2009 Wild morning of sod and herps! [Public] 
5/16/2009 Suburban herping and impromptu presentation [Public] 
5/14/2009 Web page for educational presentations [Public] 
5/12/2009 Just hangin' out... [Public] 
5/9/2009 Man, I knew snakeheads were invasive... [Public] 
5/7/2009 Ruby likes seafood also. [Public] 
4/30/2009 My apologies to all [Public] 
4/29/2009 Breeders beware, the insanity continues... [Public] 
4/27/2009 DNA Study of Burmese pythons in the Everglades [Public] 
4/25/2009 Please provide feedback [Public] 
4/24/2009 Need suggestions for media contacts! [Public] 
4/23/2009 Guamedy Act [Public] 
4/23/2009 Anyone watching the hearing? [Public] 
4/21/2009 Mail order bride for Jack [Public] 
4/20/2009 I knew the political system was broken, but... [Public] 
4/17/2009 Worth a shot??? [Public] 
4/16/2009 Holy cow, now we are "right wing extremists". [Public] 
4/14/2009 They want our balls and boas, too [Public] 
4/4/2009 Pics [Public] 
4/2/2009 On the outs with [Public] 
3/31/2009 Just a matter of time folks... :( [Public] 
3/24/2009 Yeah, but look at the "dangerous animal" propaganda [Public] 
3/15/2009 Day at the museum, Part 2 [Public] 
3/15/2009 Long but fun day at the museum - Part 1 [Public] 
3/11/2009 Irony? [Public] 
3/9/2009 Reptile and Amphibian Day at NC Museum of Natural Sciences [Public] 
2/5/2009 Surf and turf [Public] 
1/13/2009 Head shots [Public] 
1/4/2009 Underrated snakes. [Public] 
12/30/2008 Hopefully things will get better for the Indigo in 2009 [Public] 
8/26/2008 Snakes go to school! [Public] 
6/6/2008 Doubled my collection! [Public] 
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