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2/25/2021 Future of iHerp [Public] 
5/27/2019 Summertime Boas [Public] 
5/22/2019 CB2019 Bolivian Boas [Public] 
1/2/2019 Atheris Photo Session [Public] 
12/18/2018 2019 Preview [Public] 
9/14/2015 The Return of the Boa [Public] 
9/11/2015 Field Herping in Mpumalanga & Limpopo *Pics* [Public] 
6/23/2015 Ride Report: Solo Trip to the Sierra Madre Oriental [Public] 
11/25/2013 My Other Passion: The Intoxicating Lure of Motorcycle Roadracing [Public] 
6/10/2013 Jewels of the Zulu Nation - Field Herping in KwaZulu-Natal *pics* [Public] 
5/7/2013 Mambas and the Mind [Public] 
4/25/2013 The Eastern Cape of South Africa *Pics* [Public] 
4/4/2013 I'm youth, I'm joy, I'm a little bird that has broken out of the egg. [Public] 
3/19/2013 The Northern Cape of South Africa *Pics* [Public] 
3/11/2013 Field Herping in Mexico *pics* [Public] 
2/1/2013 Nowhere in Africa - Diving with Cobras [Public] 
1/17/2013 A Motorcycle Adventure Through the Southwestern States [Public] 
12/21/2011 A Reptile Dysfunction [Public] 
12/19/2011 The Hundred-pace Viper of China & Taiwan: A Herpetological and Cultural Phenomenon *Pics* [Public] 
11/18/2011 The Fantastic Diversity of House Snakes in Southern Africa *pics* [Public] 
11/13/2011 Force-feeding Tutorial *Pics* [Public] 
11/11/2011 New Additions [Public] 
10/24/2011 Mexican Cantils in the Spotlight [Public] 
10/19/2011 Morelia Toy Clay [Public] 
10/18/2011 Popular Reptile Books [Public] 
10/13/2011 Green Tree Pythons and Localities [Public] 
10/10/2011 Impressions from Yellowstone [Public] 
10/7/2011 In the Spot Light - the Ultimate Tree Snake [Public] 
10/6/2011 Heloderma Eggs [Public] 
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