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Tea Cake :


11/24/2014 Hello! [Public] 
8/6/2011 The Mega-Viv of DOOOOOOM.... [Public] 
7/6/2011 The hottest fashion accessory this season! [Public] 
7/4/2011 Pictures of Abigail :D [Public] 
7/3/2011 Finally... SHE'S HOME! [Public] 
6/28/2011 Antsy as HELL over here. [Public] 
6/25/2011 A million years later... [Public] 
9/16/2009 Unimpressed face... [Public] 
8/5/2009 JESUS H!!! [Public] 
2/23/2009 Another Chameleon update! [Public] 
2/10/2009 Chameleon Update! [Public] 
1/23/2009 I know, I know.... [Public] 
12/7/2008 Oh... and... [Public] 
12/7/2008 Holy hell... it's over. Thank GOD!!! [Public] 
11/22/2008 Blood Vessels FTW! [Public] 
11/1/2008 10200 is the new 10000... [Public] 
10/31/2008 Another blog?! No way! It's about my animals this time, not me ;) [Public] 
10/27/2008 Oh my god... will it ever end?! [Public] 
10/19/2008 I would just like to say that... [Public] 
9/29/2008 Ahaha, it keeps getting better.... [Public] 
9/24/2008 Boa party time :D [Public] 
9/12/2008 Wanna know what's really awesome? [Public] 
9/10/2008 Ok, ok... I'm back now, properly. [Public] 
8/30/2008 No Daytona for Tea :( [Public] 
7/30/2008 Touching base... [Public] 
7/16/2008 This is pretty cool... if you're me... which none of you are, but hey! [Public] 
7/11/2008 OH MY GOD!!! [Public] 
7/7/2008 BP Issues update... [Public] 
7/4/2008 Close call... [Public] 
7/2/2008 'Meleon update :D [Public] 
6/26/2008 BP issues... [Public] 
6/23/2008 Chameleon fun-times... [Public] 
6/21/2008 So, I did it... [Public] 
6/15/2008 The wishlist grows... [Public] 
6/10/2008 Back with my snakes! [Public] 
6/9/2008 Great :/ [Public] 
5/26/2008 Another new arrival :) [Public] 
5/21/2008 Today is a sad day :( [Public] 
5/11/2008 New frogs! [Public] 
5/3/2008 Fingers crossed! [Public] 
5/2/2008 So, what's next for the collection?! [Public] 
4/30/2008 Hello iHerp! [Public] 
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