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Wink, Jr.

Posted by Ed at 6/9/2018 10:56:07 PM

Adopted a one-eyed box turtle a few years ago, and you all helped me name him.  Long story short, I got him a mate, and turns out Wink is a stud.   There could be more babies hiding, but this one is the only one  I found so far.   

Wink, showing his good side...

Mom and Dad

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Sonja K. ,
Posted At: 6/10/2018 12:45:34 AM  

I remember!! I was the one that suggested you name him Wink. Must have been his permanent wink that made him irresistible to his woman! ; )

What a little cutie! Gorgeous adults, too!

Rachel Gratis,
Posted At: 6/10/2018 9:14:51 AM  


George H. Wessel VII,
Posted At: 6/10/2018 9:44:39 AM  


Ed ,
Posted At: 6/10/2018 2:41:12 PM  

Thanks for the name, Sonja, I thought it was you, but my memory isn't as good as it used to be!  I am hoping there are more babies hiding in the pen.  I took this baby out and put him in his own covered enclosure, don't want thim to get eaten by a predator.

Aimee ,
Posted At: 6/12/2018 10:47:57 AM  

super cute!

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