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Summer 2018 blog "issues and trust"

Posted by TribalCorns at 8/30/2018 8:36:05 PM

Quite a creative title up there. Anywho. This year we bred only two pairs of corns. Only one pair took and we got a nice group of babies from them all normals 100% het for anery and hypo. All of our best eating babies have sold already after two sheds with us and more than 4 consectutive feeds each  (spare for one baby who sold early at only 2 consecutive feeds because the buyer knew the risks and took them anyway). Now we are left with 2 non feeding aztec corns and 1 other who is feeding well. I'm decently surprised that we did so well this year and sold so many, and even more surprised that so far everything sold has been to locals. I suppose the fact that the closest pet store over the Canada border might have had a play in that.

Was never in this for money though. Part of the reason I've had such a hard time selling is because I want to see them go to good homes, and too many people don't see a living feeling being when the look at a pet snake, or even a pet fish. I turned down a bunch after seeing how llittle they knew or seeing how they were about to buy an animal "in the moment" and would probably regret it later. I've come to the realization though after selling the lot this year that "I'm too nice and buyers walk all over you" according to my mother. She's right though. I always try to see the good in people and expect them to make the right decisions or mean what they say.

That's probably why I feel like I got scammed out of two of my adult corns. I waited quite a while before telling anyone about this because I wanted to gather information and make sure I had thought about all my words before saying them. Probably no one noticed but we had two adult corns for sale for about a year until a local couple heard about us and became interested.

We showed them everyone available for sale and let them hold a bunch to see how they handled them. I could see that both had experience holding snakes correctly before and learned that many years ago they had a ball python. After holding the adults they fell in love with their colors and calmness. The male butter het for stripe we advertised at $110.00 not including shipping and the female abbott's okeetee I had at a very low $50.00 as she wasn't the best quality okeetee and after being bred several times all in the perfect conditions with proven males she had not given me one fertile egg. They were both to be pet only animals for this couple anyway, so I figured that dropping the price of one animal for them would be okay considering they had to bike a few miles to get to us and they were very nice people who answered many of my test snake keeping questions correctly. I really just wanted them to go to people who knew what they were doing with snakes, specifically corns or rat snakes. We got talking about enclosures and fish tanks and the woman gave me a contact, her friend who kind buys up tanks and had a ton of fish until his ex left and poured bleach into all of the tanks. I was looking for a new gecko tank so I kept the number for later.

So we think everything is all well and are happy to see the animals go to a new home. The couple had told us that they were moving back to Virginia in a few days so the snakes were kept in temporary plastic totes for moving them easily.

So they move, and literally that day that they move the contact she gave me comes over to talk to us. He came over to warn us not to sell to the couple because they had a history of drugs, and the family that they might move back with in Virginia had a history of animal abuse. Apparently they weren't allowed to have any kinds of pets.

I can't tell you guys how upset I am over this. I wish cops could legally give out information on animal abusers just so I could have asked to make sure that the family had that back history. What sucks is that the girl said they were going to try to find a place near her family but NOT with them. So I don't know if they ended up moving back in with the parents or not.

Is there anything else I can do about this or am I at the end of a rope and have to hope that the couple (who according to that contact friend dude) don't have any counts of animal cruelty to their names, will keep their pets far away from the other family members? I'm just.. at a loss for words over this crud.

Probably shouldn't be spurging and word vomiting here but I just don't know what else to do at this point. Concerning those two adult corns anyway.

In other news, many of our 2018 babies have quickly sold off. Everyone else who bought them checked out okay so far. I only have a few more of everything left, and considering that the end of shipping weather is fast approaching for my area I may wholesale the last three 2015's and the last three 2018's to a big reptile retailer. At least they would be able to properly advertise and faster find homes for them.

Like I said waaay earlier, I have long since come to the conclusion that selling reptiles that I keep, breed, and love is hard for me. Not that I want to sell professionally like those big breeders, but if I wanted to I would probably have to partner with someone who could do the marketing and selling of the reptiles.

Last thing to touch on. I have a chance at one of my dream animals which are at the top of the most wanted list. Having parused facebook and forums I only know of a few medium to larger scale breeders of them in the U.S, and virtually none in europe because the planes that import them have an easier time going to the west coast of the U.S. than they do getting to Europe.

Since 2011-2012 when I was first introduced to the Candoia group and by gods I fell in love at first site. I never knew a single species of reptile could enthrall me so. To me they look like little legless eastern dragons, and by the gods do they give me muse to paint, draw, and photograph them. I love everything about them, from their temperament to their size and strange looks.

I want one so bad, and DM exotics has a few for sale and ready right now. I've got both a quarentine enclosure and a nice-ish one perfectly sized for one set up already. Right now they are housing some of my bonsai and plants. After selling off all those corns I actually have a surplus of mice, and after doing a little math, figured that I do have another for a years worth of food for that sized boa.

I have the heating elements, water dishes, hides, and everything that I need for it. I have the knowledge on ridding animals of external and internal parasites, and I have done it in the past with a wild caught house snake. The seller only showed me the animals who were definitely on mice with no problems and that was my only qualm about them. I've had to switch snakes off of lizards and birds in the past and it's a pain in the rear so I knew I didn't want to do that again.  Most importantly I right now have enough money. I'm only worried about my mother, who always assumes I getting rid of all the snakes, though I've explained to her that they are to me like dogs are to her. There's also the fact that I have to go to my grandmothers and help her move into her new house for the next few weeks. In the next few weeks we could lose all our good shipping weather and get too chilled where we live. So I'm at a time limit. Either get the animal now, or wait another year and hope some are left next year or the importer gets more, or breeds some captive breds. So yeah I'm struggling against my urge to get a snake I might not be able to get for years into the future, something I've studied up on for a while now just in case they became available again. Ugh...

EDIT Had to edit some words I somehow missed putting into my sentences but now it's 2:45 in the morning and I'm too lazy to fix all the misspellings.

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Rachel Gratis,
Posted At: 8/31/2018 7:45:05 AM  

Ug, sorry to hear about your bad selling experience. I hope for the best for those snakes.

As for shipping, you might luck out with the weather this year and get a long summer! Seller might also be willing to pay and hold until next year if you really get stuck for shipping.

George H. Wessel VII,
Posted At: 8/31/2018 8:05:05 AM  


Posted At: 9/1/2018 7:41:10 PM  

Rachel I am holding off the urge on that snake I so dearly want. I really need to finish selling off the last extra corns I have before thinking about anything new. Maybe by the time I can get one there may be some captive bred babies ready for me instead of risking an imported animal. (Though not sure if it's imported if the animal was born in captivity from an imported wild mother???)

I'm still so angry over the two adult corns though. Oakie and Zeus I had for a long time. Originally they were breeders for us but they kind of turned into pets when e hit that hard patch and couldn't breed anything for a while.

Aimee ,
Posted At: 9/3/2018 5:22:17 PM  

oh, that's just lame. I'm sorry you've had to deal with this.

Posted At: 9/5/2018 11:04:45 AM  

Well it taught me a lesson I won't forget, not to trust people by what they say no matter how genuine their actions and knowledge base may be.

I also learned that if I ever do want to become a larger breeder in the far future I'm going to need someone with a stronger backbone and less of an attachment to the animals to partner with and help me with marketing and salesof the animals. I've had such a hard time doing that. I know how to care for them and keep the reptiles content but I really such with people.

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