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Still here - just not as consistent! + Past Year Review

Posted by Alex Spencer at 10/10/2018 12:12:45 PM

Yep, I'm still here! Coming upon my second season, and have pretty much fallen into routine at this point - my leos get fed every three days, dusted once a week. Tubs are swept weekly before feeding, and get a full cleaning once a month. Everyone sheds well, but generally when I'm not paying attention! :P

Therefore, I've stopped keeping as strict records as I have been. I may record abnormal / important occurances for reference (abnormal defecation, going off food, regurgitation, ovulation, laying, etc.), but normal everyday occurances such as feeding or shedding aren't going to be recorded. Just not important haha,,

That being said, so far here's what's happened from last year until now:

  • Adopted Ruby + Jax for cheap from a neglectful owner.
  • Got Ruby + Jax up to healthy weight, and off of sand.
  • Built reptile racks.
  • Got Rose + Daxter.
  • Got Beast.
  • Attempted breeding with Beast to Ruby + Jax.
  • Seperated Ruby + Jax due to Jax bullying Ruby out of the humid hide / laybox.
  • Panicked due to Ruby losing a lot of weight during the season as laying took a lot out of her, and she was finicky about eating.
  • Produced fertile eggs. Failed to hatch first clutches, altered incubation methods. Sadly, this didn't fix the issue, as none survived.
  • Lost Jax to egg binding, despite an emergency trip to the vet. Attempted to save the fertile eggs, but they didn't make it.
  • Adjusted supplementation regimen following Rose + Daxter's breeder's regimen.
  • Moved Ruby out of her old tank and into a tub in the rack. Tank is currently located in the basement and will likely be used as a quarantine enclosure for new purchases.
  • Got Ruby back up to healthy weight, basically as soon as she had stopped producing for the season. (Darn girl making me worry for nothing!)
  • Changed my IG / business name from Monster Geckos to Monster Curiosities! iHerp is still Monster Geckos 'cause I can't change it lol.

Rose and Daxter are coming up on their first breeding season, as they're both adult weight now! Daxter in particular is a BIG boy, and a voracious eater! Ruby and Beast will also be bred again this season. I hope to either prove out the supplementation regimen as the issue with last season, or prove out Ruby / Beast as an unsuccessful pairing.

Another interesting thing to look forward to, is seeing whether or not Daxter produces offspring with kinked / curled tails. His breeder originally thought it was a supplementation issue that caused Daxter and another male to hatch out with kinked tailtips - but after fixing the issue last season, he produced more geckos with kinked tails, and even one with a CURLY tail! So we're both waiting to see if Daxter produces any offspring with the trait, to prove it out as genetic or not. Not that it's particularly a GOOD thing if it is - I'll likely have to buy another breeder male, especially if the trait proves detrimental to any offspring - but it'll be fascinating to see the results none the less. Smile

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George H. Wessel VII,
Posted At: 10/10/2018 4:57:56 PM  

Rachel Gratis,
Posted At: 10/18/2018 8:14:17 PM  

Sorry to hear that you lost one of your females. :( I didn't have much luck with my first pairing this year either. No eggs laid at all, although female came through healthy.  Better luck this coming year!

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