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Paper tracking

Posted by TribalCorns at 11/3/2018 1:12:11 PM

I'll be moving for a new job to Queensbury, but I will only rarely get use of a computer owned by other family members. So at least until I can afford a new laptop I'll be keeping to paper records for a while. A large portion of the collection will be kept by my former roommate until I can move everything over. The younger geckos will be coming with me. Someone who knows how to care for the snakes will be keeping them for me like they have in the past on occasion.

Hopefully the new job goes well and I can afford an apartment relativey soon, or help my mother get a house that we might both live in. That way the animals an then be put into their nice large enclosures instead of temporary tubs. I always love seeing them in a nice large bioactive enclosure. <3

So for a while IHERP I'll be on hiatus until things stabilize. Hope everyone is good while I'm away!

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