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An addition to the attempted Lacey Act amendment

Posted by Lauren at 3/18/2021 4:20:20 PM

Alright everyone, listen up. If you are in the USA and you keep pets besides the usual dogs and cats, you NEED to pay attention to this. In addition to reinstating the Lacey Act interstate transport ban on large constrictors and several other reptile and amphibian species, this law will create a white list. The animals on this list will be considered acceptable for interstate transport. Any animal species NOT on this list will be illegal to transport across state lines by default. This includes reptiles, amphibians, fish, mammals, birds, inverts— any animals not specifically listed will be illegal to trade and transport in by default. There is no logic to this Bill. Most of the “targeted species” cannot survive outside of captivity in most of the US. The only thing this Bill will do is create felons of otherwise law abiding pet owners who move states and prevent people from owning many species not available in their state. Please write to your Congress critters ASAP and speak out against this Bill!! This is Senate Bill 626. Reach out now. Email. Send letters. Call. This is ridiculous! We have to defeat this.

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