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My Ball Python Morph/Hybrid List

Posted by Abby McDufford at 3/3/2010 12:54:09 PM

Sooooo, I've made several caresheets that include lists of morphs (with links to pictures) and I'm striving to create the ultimate lists available. I do believe my lists to be the most complete, as I add to them every time I see something new. I'll be posting all of the different species lists as separate blogs, so lets start with the Ball Pythons!

Ball Python Morphs

Caramel Albino/T+
Lavender Albino
Desert Ghost
Genetic Stripe
Genetic Banded/Tiger
Black Lace


Pastel (Heterozygous)
Super Pastel (Homozygous)
Cinnamon Pastel (Heterozygous)
Super Cinnamon Pastel (Homozygous)
Black Pastel (Heterozygous)
Eightball/Super Black Pastel (Homozygous)
Enchi (Heterozygous)
Super Enchi (Homozygous)
Butter (Heterozygous)
Mojave (Heterozygous)
Lesser Platinum (Heterozygous)
Russo/Het Lucy (Heterozygous)
Phantom (Heterozygous)
Super Phantom (Homozygous)
Mystic (Heterozygous)
Blue Eyed Leucistic Super Butter/Mojave/Lesser Platinum/Russo/Phantom/Mystic (Homozygous)
Fire (Heterozygous)
Sulfur (Heterozygous)
Black Eyed Leucistic Super Fire/Sulfur (Homozygous)
Yellow Belly/Goblin/Het Ivory (Heterozygous)
Ivory (Homozygous)
Orange Belly/Het Ivory (Heterozygous)
Ultra Ivory (Homozygous)
Graphite Ivory (Homozygous)
Mocha (Heterozygous)
Latte (Homozygous)
Specter/Whirlwind (Heterozygous)
Granite (Heterozygous)
Sable (Heterozygous)
Super Sable (Homozygous)
Vanilla (Heterozygous)
Super Vanilla (Homozygous)
Woma (Heterozygous)
Hidden Gene Woma (Heterozygous)
Super Woma/Pearl (Homozygous)
Chocolate (Heterozygous)
Super Chocolate (Homozygous)
Paintball (Heterozygous) Need Pic!
Super Paintball (Homozygous)
Spotnose (Heterozygous)
Super Spotnose (Homozygous)
Het Red Axanthic (Heterozygous)
Red Axanthic (Homozygous)
Lori (Heterozygous)
Super Lori (Homozygous)
Special (Heterozygous)
Super Special (Homozygous)
Red Stripe
Disco (Heterozygous)
Super Disco (Homozygous)
Orange Dream (heterozygous)
Black Belly (heterozygous)
Calico (heterozygous)
Super Calico (homozygous)
Ghi (heterozygous)
Super Ghi (homozygous)


Coral Glow/Banana/Whitesmoke
Tiger/Genetic Banded

Double Allele

Albino Ghost (T- Albino and Ghost)
Albino Spider (T- Albino and Spider)
Albino Genetic Stripe (T- Albino and Genetic Stripe)
Albino Pinstripe (T- Albino and Pinstripe)
Albino Clown (T- Albino and Clown)
Albino Ivory (T- Albino and Ivory)
Snow (T- Albino and Axanthic)
Albino Cinnamon Pastel (T- Albino and Cinnamon Pastel)
Albino Super Black Pastel (T- Albino and Super Black Pastel)
Axanthic Pastel (Axanthic and Pastel)
Axanthic Pinstripe (Axanthic and Pinstripe)
Axanthic Spider (Axanthic and Spider)
Calico Pastel (Calico and Pastel)
Caramel Glow (Caramel Albino and Ghost)
Caramel Mojave (Caramel Albino and Mojave)
Pastel Clown (Clown and Pastel)
Super Pastel Clown (Super Pastel and Clown)
Enchi Pastel (Enchi and Pastel)
Lesser Platinum Pastel (Lesser Platinum and Pastel)
Cinnamon Mojave (Cinnamon Pastel and Mojave)
Pastel Mojave/Pastave (Pastel and Mojave)
Super Pastel Mojave (Super Pastel and Mojave)
Ghost Cinnamon (Ghost and Cinnamon Pastel)
Ghost Mojave (Ghost and Mojave)
Ghost Butter (Ghost and Butter)
Hypo Pinstripe (Ghost and Pinstripe)
Mudball (Sable and Pastel)
Woma Enchi (Woma and Enchi)
Pastel Ghost (Pastel and Ghost)
Ghost Super Pastel (Ghost and Super Pastel)
Pewter (Pastel and Black or Cinnamon Pastel)
Sterling (Super Pastel and Cinnamon or Black Pastel)
Silver Bullet (Pastel and Super Cinnamon or Black Pastel)
Super Pewter (Super Pastel and Super Cinnamon or Black Pastel)
Lemonblast (Pastel and Pinstripe)
Killerblast (Super Pastel and Pinstripe)
Bumblebee (Spider and Pastel)
Butterbee (Spider and Butter)
Cinnabee (Cinnamon Pastel and Spider)
Spider Fire (Spider and Fire)
Genetic Banded Spider (Spider and Genetic Banded)
Honeybee (Ghost and Spider)
Killerbee (Super Pastel and Spider)
Lesserbee (Lesser Platinum and Spider)
Spider Mojave (Spider and Mojave)
Motleybee (Spider and Genetic Stripe)
Spinner (Spider and Pinstripe)
Stingerbee (Spider and Enchi)
Spider Yellow Belly (Spider and Yellow Belly)
Sunburst Pastel (Pastel and TBA)
Chocolate Pinstripe (Chocolate and Pinstripe)
Camo (Super Chocolate and Pinstripe)
Woma Granite (Woma and Granite)
Woma Pastel (Woma and Pastel)
Woma Lesser Platinum (Woma and Lesser Platinum)
Soulsucker (Hidden Gene Woma and Lesser Platinum)
Woma Phantom (Woma and Phantom)
Woma Yellow Belly (Woma and Yellow Belly)
Yellow Belly Granite (Yellow Belly and Granite)
Super Stripe (Yellow Belly and Spector/Whirlwind)
Pastel Yellow Belly (Pastel and Yellow Belly)
Pastel Ivory (Pastel and Ivory)
Super Pastel Ivory (Super Pastel and Ivory)
Marble Pastel (Marble and Pastel)
Pastel Spotnose (Pastel and Spotnose)
Pastel het Red Axanthic (Pastel and Het Red Axanthic)
Ebony (Yellow Belly and Granite)
Pastel Piebald (Pastel and Piebald)
Spider Piebald (Spider and Piebald)
Panda Piebald (Super Cinnamon/Black Pastel and Piebald)
Enchi Pied (Enchi and Piebald)
Axanthic Piebald (Axanthic and Piebald)
Albino Piebald (T- Albino and Piebald)
Dreamsicle (Lavender Albino and Piebald)
Pinstripe Piebald (Pinstripe and Piebald)
Clown Piebald (Clown and Piebald)
Lesser Pied (Lesser Platinum and Piebald)
Polar Ball (Albino and Blue Eyed Leucistic)
Mimosa (Champagne and Ghost)
Pastel Champagne (Champagne and Pastel)
Sulfur Mojave (Sulfur and Mojave)
Cinnamon Genetic Stripe (Cinnamon Pastel and Genetic Stripe)
Cinnamon Clown (Cinnamon Pastel and Clown)
Pastel Sulfur (Pastel and Sulfur)
Crystal (Mojave and Special)
Pastel Special (Pastel and Special)
Super Pastel Special (Super Pastel and Special)
Pastel Super Special (Pastel and Super Special)
Lesser Crystal (Lesser Platinum and Special)
Bananabee (Banana/Coral Glow and Spider)
Banana Clown (Banana/Coral Glow and Clown)
Pastel Banana/Coral Glow (Pastel and Banana)
Lesser Kingpin (Lesser Platinum and Pinstripe)
Caramel Albino Pinstripe (Caramel Albino and Pinstripe)
Jigsaw (Mojave Pinstripe)
Cinnamon Pinstripe (Cinnamon Pastel and Pinstripe)
Tiger (Enchi and Desert Ghost)
Yellow Belly Fire (Yellow Belly and Fire)
Yellow Belly Piebald (Yellow Belly and Piebald)
Enchi Lesser (Enchi and Lesser Platinum)
Enchi Mojave (Enchi and Mojave)
Ghost Genetic Stripe (Ghost and Genetic Stripe)
Mystic Potion (Mystic and Mojave)
Pastel Disco (Pastel and Disco)
Opal Disco (Super Pastel and Disco)
Pastel Napalm (Pastel and Napalm)
Camarillo (McCurley Caramel and Bell Caramel)
Pinto Pied (Het Russo Leucistic and Piebald)
Desert Spider (Desert Ghost and Spider)
Desert Pinstripe (Desert Ghost and Pinstripe)
Candied Clown (Hypo and Clown)
Spider Ghi (Spider and Ghi)
Lesser Ghi (Lesser Platinum and Ghi)
Enchi Ghi (Enchi Pastel and Ghi)
Pastel Ghi (Pastel and Ghi)
Lithium (Butter and Cinnamon Pastel)
Vanilla Cream (Vanilla and Fire)
Opal Diamond (Het Russo Leucistic and Phantom)
Painted Calico (Paintball and Calico)
Painted Yellow Belly (Paintball and Yellow Belly)
Super Vanilla Super Pastel (Super Vanilla and Super Pastel)
True Ghost (Hypo/Ghost and Axanthic)
Double Leucistic (Black Eyed Leucistic and Blue Eyed Leucistic)
Albino Pastel (T- Albino and Pastel)
Lesser Clown (Lesser Platinum and Clown)
Pinstripe Banana (Pinstripe and Coral Glow/Banana)
Orange Dream Spider (Orange Dream and Spider)
Orange Dream Fire (Orange Dream and Fire)
Orange Dream Yellow Belly (Orange Dream and Yellow Belly)
Firemon (Fire and Cinnamon)
Black Mojave (Black Pastel and Mojave)
Lavender Snow (Lavender Albino and Axanthic)
Blanchi (Black Pastel and Enchi)
Yellow Jacket (Pastel and Black Belly)
Super Pastel Calico (Super Pastel and Calico)
Lesser Pearl (Lesser Platinum and Super Woma/Pearl)
Granite Pinstripe (Granite and Pinstripe)
Genetic Stripe Caramel Albino (Genetic Stripe and Caramel Albino)

Triple Allele

Albino Spinner (T- Albino, Spider, Pinstripe)
Pastel Crystal (Pastel, Mojave, Special)
Inferno (Hidden Gene Woma, Pastel, Yellow Belly)
Yellow Belly Bumblebee (Yellow Belly, Pastel, Spider)
Humblebee (Ghost, Spider, Pastel)
Axanthic Bumblebee (Axanthic, Spider, Pastel)
Axanthic Killerbee (Axanthic, Spider, Super Pastel)
Enchi Bumblebee (Enchi, Spider, Pastel)
Pewterbee (Cinnamon/Black Pastel, Spider, Pastel)
Spinnerblast (Pinstripe, Spider, Pastel)
Super Spinnerblast (Super Pastel, Spider, Pinstripe)
Yellow Belly Lemonblast (Yellow Belly, Pastel, Pinstripe)
Chocolate Blast (Chocolate, Pastel, Pinstripe)
Queenbee (Lesser Platinum, Spider, Pastel)
Wannabee (Woma, Spider, Pastel)
Spider Woma Lesser (Lesser Platinum, Woma, Spider)
Pastel Woma Lesser (Pastel, Lesser Platinum, Woma)
Calico Shattered Dream (Calico, Shatter, Pastel)
Pastel Super Stripe (Pastel, Yellow Belly, Spector)
Pastel Yellow Belly Pinstripe (Pastel, Yellow Belly, Pinstripe)
Pastel Kingpin (Pastel, Lesser Platinum, Pinstripe)
Pastave Ghost (Pastel, Mojave, Ghost)
Sulfur Mojave Yellow Belly (Sulfur, Mojave, Yellow Belly)
Bumblebee Piebald (Pastel, Spider, Piebald)
Coralbee (Coral Glow, Pastel, Spider)
Woma Lesser Pastel (Woma, Lesser Platinum, Pastel)
Lesser Sterling (Super Pastel, Cinnamon/Black Pastel, Lesser Platinum)
Pewterpagne (Champagne, Cinnamon/Black Pastel, Pastel)
Ghost Pewter (Ghost, Cinnamon/Black Pastel, Pastel)
Pewter Lesser (Pastel, Lesser Platinum, Cinnamon/Black Pastel)
Pastel Woma Coral Glow (Pastel, Woma, Coral Glow)
Pewter Fire (Cinnamon, Pastel, Fire)
Orange Dream Yellow Belly Spider (Orange Dream, Yellow Belly, Spider)
Triple Caramel (VPI/NERD, BHB, TSK line caramels)
Pewter Mojave (Pastel, Cinnamon, Mojave)

Quadruple Allele

Enchiferno (Enchi, Hidden Gene Woma, Pastel, Yellow Belly)
Pewterbee Woma (Pastel, Cinnamon/Black Pastel, Spider, Woma)
Ghostbuster (Ghost/Hypo, Pastel, Spider, Butter)
Silver Surfer (Ghost/Hypo, Super Pastel, Black Pastel, Lesser Platinum)
Queen Spin (Spider, Pinstripe, Pastel, Lesser Platinum)
Butter Spinnerblast (Butter, Spider, Pastel, Pinstripe)
Rainbow Banana (Coral Glow/Banana, Spider, Pinstripe, Pastel)


Angel of Death
Purple Passion
Red Spectrum
Mystery Ball 1
Mystery Ball 2/Chocolate Chip
Paradox Hypo Super Mojave
Paradox Crystal
Paradox Super Fire
Paradox Super Sulfur
Paradox Caramel Pinstripe
Paradox Ivory
Paradox Super Pastel Ivory
Derma Ball
Purple Haze
Yellow Stripe
Napalm (thought to be dominant so far)
Lemon Frost
Leopard Pastel
Red Bellied Lesser Platinum
No Official Name/Sunblock
White Wedding (het pied x unknown)
Black Velvet


Black Blood Ball (Sumatran Short Tail Python x Ball Python)
Superball (Borneo Short Tail Python x Ball Python)
F2 Superball (Superball x Superball)
Mongrel Ball (F2 Superball x Ball Python)
Wall (Woma x Ball Python)
Carpall (Jungle Carpet Python x Ball Python)
Burmball (Burmese Python x Ball Python)
Angolan Ball (Angolan Python x Ball Python)

Whew! That's it for now, if you know of a morph I have left out PLEASE feel free to send me a message with the info and if possible, a link to a picture. I wanted to create a source that has easily accessible information for anyone. Enjoy the pics!

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Kate Graves ,
Posted At: 3/3/2010 2:00:16 PM  
Very lovley list Abby. Great job on it.

Abby McDufford,
Posted At: 3/3/2010 2:01:29 PM  
Thanks Kate!! Many long hours spent collecting and linking, lol!

Kate Graves ,
Posted At: 3/3/2010 2:07:24 PM  
My friend joes going to LOVE this list. He wants toget intobreeding balls but has no idea hwo many morphs there are out there.. I'm deffinatly digging the Toffee. It's a great example of one.

Abby McDufford,
Posted At: 3/3/2010 2:30:57 PM  
hehe, that's exactly why I made the list! I'm about to post a few more up too so keep your eyes open :) I LOVE the Toffee too, but I've gotta say the "Sunblock" is probably my favorite...

Sonja ,
Posted At: 3/3/2010 2:42:27 PM  
Excellent list!

Abby McDufford,
Posted At: 3/3/2010 2:43:55 PM  
Thanks Sonja!

Shannon ,
Posted At: 3/3/2010 2:46:24 PM  
I'm not a ball person but some of those are just insane! And you have too much time on your hands :-P

Abby McDufford,
Posted At: 3/3/2010 2:47:17 PM  
Shannon - I DO have too much time on my hands, lol! Being unemployed and a nightwalker does that :)

Posted At: 3/3/2010 3:10:17 PM  
The angel of Death has always been one of my favorites.

Abby McDufford,
Posted At: 3/3/2010 3:13:06 PM  
I agree, it is incredible!

Posted At: 3/3/2010 3:18:47 PM  
 Nice list, i got all the way to Paintball before i knew thay were pictures.

Abby McDufford,
Posted At: 3/3/2010 3:20:00 PM  
Thank you :) and look at them, its worth it!

Posted At: 3/3/2010 4:06:08 PM  
 How about albino t- pastel?

Abby McDufford,
Posted At: 3/3/2010 5:11:47 PM  
Added ;) I thought I already did but I guess not! Lol.

Kyle ,
Posted At: 3/3/2010 5:31:31 PM  
 i heard the angolan balls called angry balls.I wonder how much it would cost for one of each?

Rebecca ,
Posted At: 3/3/2010 6:36:07 PM  
Abby, quite the list you've put together!  :)

I have to say I'm prejudiced though & I think your pic of the ghost/hypomelanistic animal makes my male look outstanding  ;)

Posted At: 3/3/2010 8:48:31 PM  
How about the yellowbelly piebald?  (Pumpkin pied)

Posted At: 3/3/2010 8:49:05 PM  
Wait, found it!

Posted At: 3/3/2010 9:36:36 PM  
@kyle, probably enough to make you cry just thinking about it.

Abby McDufford,
Posted At: 3/3/2010 11:00:10 PM  
Kyle - I've actually never seen a price on the Angolan Balls... Sorry :/ but I bet you it is around $3000 at least... All of the hybrids I've seen are quite pricey and since Angolans are expensive in themselves, it is hard to say.

Rebecca - Your male IS spectacular! ;)

Abby McDufford,
Posted At: 3/5/2010 7:01:27 AM  
Added a few ;)

Lesser Clown

Pinstripe Banana

Pastel Woma Coral Glow

Butter Spinnerblast

Rainbow Banana

Posted At: 3/8/2010 5:49:52 PM  
What's going on in the Derma ball? o.o  Is it partially scaleless?  It almost looks fake!

Posted At: 3/8/2010 5:53:52 PM  
I've got some for ya:
Orange Dream:
Orange Dream Spider:
Orange Dream Fire:
Orange Dream Yellowbelly:

Posted At: 3/8/2010 8:11:54 PM  
Khaki (not proven) ball python:
Pewter Fire (cinnamon, pastel, fire):

Posted At: 3/8/2010 8:50:15 PM  
Black Velvet (not proven) ball
Firemon (Fire, cinnamon) ball:


Abby McDufford,
Posted At: 3/9/2010 4:33:39 AM  
Thank you! And yes, the Derma (and the Purple Haze) are scaleless ball pythons.

Posted At: 3/10/2010 10:35:05 PM  
How many recorded combinations do you have here?

Abby McDufford,
Posted At: 3/11/2010 6:17:09 AM  
Uhhhh... I've never counted, actually :) but if I go into my morph folders.... There are close to 300 I think!

Posted At: 3/17/2010 5:36:55 AM  
nice list!! good job.
just a few additions :
white wedding or coconut pied is a special form of a spied (spider -pied) ,
sunset is not genetic brian said.
gargoyle is axathic x blackpastel (BOTH from the amir line)
toffee is proven recessive, and patternless is recessive as well (proven by vpi).

when my logo is finally finished you get some pics of 2 new morphs i created last year.


Allan Riis,
Posted At: 5/15/2010 6:33:28 PM

Brett Nation,
Posted At: 12/2/2010 2:05:14 PM  

This list is beyond fantastic! How can I add this to my favorites on iHerp? Thanks for the hard work! Cheers, Brett

Ryan hance,
Posted At: 5/23/2014 9:03:23 AM  
You forgot the leopard ball python (dominant).

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