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Trailing Diary of Mohinder - Entamoeba

Posted by Rami B at 4/17/2009 2:54:39 AM

I obtained my first crested gecko from Petco on Saturday, March 28th. The reptiles associate handed my friend Vinnie one yellow tiger/dal crested gecko, and handed me the little flame. It was love at first sight.

Unfortunately, Mohinder, the newly named flame, was kept in an enclosure with nothing but too-large crickets, and likely fed baby food for the 2+ months he was living there. Not in the best of shape and most definitely needing to gain some weight, he arrived in his new home along with Vinnie's new crested gecko, and we've been keeping a close eye on them.

The female is very healthy and active, and seems to enjoy stalking the occasional dusted cricket. She seems to be eating CGD, because I keep finding poop of the right color and consistency of digested CGD..

Mohinder, on the other hand, has hardly touched anything. Poops are few and far between, mostly water, and Mohinder himself has been gettng thinner and thinner. Not wishing to stress him, I've been dabbling little bits of CGD on his snout, which he ruefully licks clean. After he's eaten a few drops, I leave him alone. And the crickets are happily of the same number when I offer them, so he isn't touching them, either. I chalked it up to a combination of stress and bad habits from Petco, and have been very cautious in dealing with him.

Monday, April 13th, I brought him to my leopard gecko friend's house see if she could help figure out a way to get him to start eating. We attempted to get him to eat a little bit of fruit baby food, and then fruit baby food with CGD mixed in, but he refused. Since he was having a rough shed, she sprayed some Repti-shed on him and rubbed that in. There was a failed attempt to check his calcium sacs, of which we already were pretty sure were low, but it never hurts to do a quick check. When I brought him home, I put him back and left him alone for the next day(changing CGD and misting as necessary) since he was very, very stressed out.

Wednesday, April 15th, I put him in a tupperware container with paper towels and had about a half inch of water in there to help soak his stuck shed. Tweezers are most useful things, I must say. Mohinder is very lethargic and cooperative in removing the stuck shed, but he started becoming very stressed out, so there are five toes needing attention yet, but the rest are clear. He's still not eating, and his vent is swollen, so we've ordered entamoeba treatment since that seems to be what's really bothering him. Hopefully that will come soon... :C

Being a first-time gecko owner with limited experience sucks. Well, the limited experience part is what sucks, anyways. Seing any animal hurting pains me, but one that depends on me to keep it healthy.. I'm praying that entamoeba fix comes very, very soon, before it's too late.

Friday, April 17th, Mohinder seems to be developing FTS - Floppy Tail Syndrome. If the Entamoeba fix helps him regain his appetite, his diet is most certainly going to have additional calcium supplemented.. As it were, he's still not eating. This is so frustrating...

Sunday, April 19th - The E-fix was due yesterday, but Mohinder passed on this morning. Even if it had come yesterday, I don't think it could have saved him. Hopefully it'll come tomorrow so I can dose the young (female?) who was kept with him.

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