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Encounters at the National Aviary (First of Two)

Posted by Sonja K. at 6/21/2013 5:24:02 PM

We participated in 2 encounters while at the National Aviary. The first one was with a Spectacled Owl.

Where we sat, there were a few items on the table for us to take a close-up look at. One included the skull of an owl. As we all know, owl's have large eyes and amazing eye sight. One thing I hadn't thought of before is that because of those large eyes, there isn't much space left for their brains, and as a result, they really aren't very "smart". Which means, the whole "wise old owl" saying in the Tootsie Pop commercial has no validity. How coud they mislead us all these years!?

The owl was brought in then. Meet Franklin.

We weren't allowed to actually touch the owls, but it was very cool to hold them on the glove. 

I took pics of Sonja, and she took of me - those will follow.

Looks like they were eyeing each other up. 

I think this one turned out great!

Franklin then got a "treat" for being such a good boy with Sonja.


And, then it was my turn.... Laughing

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Chris Myers,
Posted At: 6/21/2013 5:41:50 PM  

Kind of makes me think Wise snack foods is guilty of false advertising, having an owl for a mascot 

Pope of iHerp and Bread,
Posted At: 6/21/2013 5:48:41 PM  

I love owls!

Sonja ,
Posted At: 6/21/2013 5:48:48 PM  

That one did turn out great!

I am a huge owl fan, so thanks to Sonja for indulging me by doing this encounter.  I hope to one day have a non-releasable owl (I have a background in wildlife rehab.  Owls are illegal to own without a permit).

Here are my pics



Sonja meets Franklin










I also got lucky at one point - Franklin stepped off of the glove I was wearing onto my arm.  So, while I didn't get to pet him, I still got to "touch" him. 

This was a really great experience for me.

Shannin ,
Posted At: 6/21/2013 10:48:32 PM  

OMG Franklin is AWESOME!!!... And, someday, I will meet Sonja... it's a goal.

George H. Wessel VII,
Posted At: 6/21/2013 11:10:30 PM  

Sonja K. ,
Posted At: 6/22/2013 8:39:56 AM  

Shannin - you're silly! LOL

George - Hahahahaha!  Love it!

Sarah Auzina,
Posted At: 6/26/2013 2:16:14 PM  

Oh this is so baconing awesome!! I love owls, I'm totally there with you! I used to volunteer at a wildlife rehabber, the owls were my favorite birds.

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