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2nd ATB Litter of the Year

Posted by Sonja K. at 9/23/2013 8:45:08 PM

Rita delivered her babies today. It is 121 days after her POS.

In total, there are 6 babies. I also found 6 slugs.

Here's a quick group shot of the bug-eyed cuties!

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Niki ,
Posted At: 9/23/2013 8:52:36 PM  

Some of those look greenish, will they dry darker? Love the look of little bobble heads

Pope of iHerp and Bread,
Posted At: 9/23/2013 8:57:35 PM  

They all look surprised. I hope you didn't greet them dressed a clown or something.

Sonja K. ,
Posted At: 9/23/2013 8:59:17 PM  

Thanks! There are two that are gray, and then another one that looks gray, but seems to have a good amount of red undertones. I'll post individual pics after the first shed.

Sonja K. ,
Posted At: 9/23/2013 9:01:29 PM  

LOL... Nate... are you as big of a clown fan as you are of ducks?

Brian ,
Posted At: 9/23/2013 9:02:53 PM  


Ed ,
Posted At: 9/23/2013 9:10:20 PM  

Congratulations Sonja, great stuff!   

Posted At: 9/23/2013 9:18:04 PM  

Wow, what a bunch of cuties. Them eyes are amazing! I can decide if I like the light guy or the darker fellas with that piercing crimsom beaming through. Beautiful animals Sonja!

Andrea ,
Posted At: 9/23/2013 9:20:51 PM  

Ah! I LOVE Amazon babies!! They are SOOO CUTE!! Thanks for sharing!!

Posted At: 9/23/2013 9:34:04 PM  

so cute!! congrats :)

Lauren ,
Posted At: 9/23/2013 9:49:02 PM  

More babies, very cute! 

Emily ,
Posted At: 9/23/2013 9:51:28 PM  

Awesome!  Congratulations!

And LOL, they do all look surprised.

Bethany ,
Posted At: 9/23/2013 10:13:49 PM  

Haha, i agree with nate!! Today is a great day on iherp, lots of cute babies!! Congrats!!!!

Abby McDufford,
Posted At: 9/23/2013 11:50:02 PM  

Congrats they are too cute!

Vera Voodoo,
Posted At: 9/24/2013 12:52:55 AM  
Congrats on the precious babies! Ahhhhh!

Psycho Dragon,
Posted At: 9/24/2013 7:24:58 AM  

Congrats!!!  They look like they want to eat you...


Sonja K. ,
Posted At: 9/24/2013 8:44:09 AM  

Thanks everybody!

George H. Wessel VII,
Posted At: 9/24/2013 9:25:11 AM like this make me reconsider my dislike of arboreals. Congtatulations!

Emily Milton,
Posted At: 9/24/2013 9:35:45 AM  

I WANT ONE!  They just look like pissed off squiggles and I can't deal with the cuteness.  Congrats my dear!

Posted At: 9/24/2013 9:55:03 AM  

Angry little noodles! Adorable. Congrats, Sonja.

Sarah Auzina,
Posted At: 9/24/2013 11:31:41 AM  

Oh I love their cute little faces!

I personally love clowns. The more evil, the better.

Pope of iHerp and Bread,
Posted At: 9/24/2013 2:10:21 PM  

Sonja, I'd answer that, but then my FB wall would be nothing but pics of ducks dressed as clowns.

Cynthia Chaplin,
Posted At: 9/24/2013 2:19:03 PM  
Ooh, love that one with the crazy red belly! They're all so cute!

Posted At: 9/25/2013 6:21:31 PM  

They are on my wish awesome :)  I also love their surprised faces!

Posted At: 9/27/2013 2:08:18 PM  

So so so squee!!  I love the expressions on their little faces!!

Kat ,
Posted At: 10/1/2013 3:33:41 AM  

One of my favourites and yours are absolutely gorgeous! Congrats!

Sonja K. ,
Posted At: 10/1/2013 10:31:04 AM  


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