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You Probably Had to be There but....

Posted by Aimee Nunez at 10/31/2013 1:33:20 AM

I was cleaning some of the gecko tubs today and happened to peek in on Hera in her little deli cup (where she usually stays when I'm cleaning her house).  She was sticking belly-up to the lid with one of her little feet stretched out to her face and mouth partially open. The position was quite strange and I found myself watching her for several seconds, wondering what on earth she was doing. She stayed that way for only a moment and then went THUMP, falling on her back from the lid.  The thing of it was, she kept that foot up next to her face and mouth gaping open the whole time...even as she twitched and struggled on her back, trying to roll over and regain some footing.

I have to be honest; from the way she was tweaking, I had to ask myself in a momentary fit of panic if perhaps I had failed to thoroughly rinse and wipe out the cleaning product I had used to clean the deli cup before putting her in there. Was she dying from the toxic fumes from the cleaner? I quickly dropped the roll of paper towels I had in my hand and hurried to open the deli cup.  I had no idea what was happening to her, but I knew I had to get her out of there. I pried open the lid, tossed it aside and scooped her up, hoping that some fresh air was all that she needed; but got ready to call my vet for an emergency visit....

Turns out she was fine...she'd gotten her claw caught in her mouth as she was climbing upside-down in her container and couldn't get herself free. It took some assistance on my part, but eventually we got her own foot out of her mouth and all was right in the world.

As I said, you probably needed to be there to appreciate the humor of the situation (I can only imagine the look on my face as I scrambled to open that deli cup, thinking my gecko was dying...) but I thought I'd share.

And just for the record: I rinse and wipe my tubs/holding containers 3 times with HOT water after using any cleaning solutions. Then I let them dry and make sure I can no longer smell any hint of cleaner before putting my geckos in... just in case you were wondering lol.


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Posted At: 10/31/2013 2:49:27 AM  

How in the world did she get her foot stuck in her mouth? silly gecko!  Glads she is ok.

Aimee Nunez,
Posted At: 10/31/2013 4:12:31 AM  

Haha I have NO idea! Looking back in hindsight, it was quite comical the way she was twitching and squirming, trying to unhinge her claw from her mouth...though at the time I had no idea what was happening and was extremely worried!

Anywho, thanks for reading and for the comment. Hope it made you smile

George H. Wessel VII,
Posted At: 10/31/2013 9:46:21 AM  


Sarah Auzina,
Posted At: 10/31/2013 12:20:46 PM  

Silly girl! Glad she's ok. I have the worst time getting my geckos into the deli cups, they think I'm going to torture them or something.

Aimee Nunez,
Posted At: 10/31/2013 10:15:18 PM  

Mine too! Cleaning day is always a tramatic experience for them for some strange reason!

Michael ,
Posted At: 10/31/2013 10:27:51 PM  

Doh !!!!!!!!!

Shannin ,
Posted At: 11/2/2013 9:47:00 PM  

An acquaintance of mine just sent me message upon message offerinf to give me his BCI if I could "save it" after chatting with me for a week or so for ways to get him to eat... turned out his bottom lip was hooked through his bottom teeth. it off... Good as new! 

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