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African Clawed Frogs

Posted by Sonja K. at 11/15/2015 10:32:23 PM

About 2 months ago I was given 4 African Clawed Frogs in various stages of development by a fellow member of the MN Herp Society. They were ones that he had captively bred. I got 2 froglets, 1 later stage tadpole and one earlier stage tadpole to put in a tank that my daycare children get to see. The later stage one transformed well, unfortunately the one in the early stage has only gotten to the point of a later stage tadpole and has remained there; not showing anymore development for quite awhile now, so not sure he'll make it. But, the others are doing great, getting less skittish even with all the activity in the room and it has been fun to see how their "personalities" are starting to show.

It's been wonderful to watch my daycare kids show interest in them, too. With one of the little girls that is 20 months old, the frog tank is the first thing she runs to every morning; asking me to turn the light on so she can find them. For another girl that is 3, it took her awhile to understand that not all frogs are going to hop, hop, hop across the livingroom floor like she does. And yes, when I told her the tadpole would become a frog one day, she did, hop, hop, hop across the floor. Laughing

And now for a pic, because no blog is complete without a picture...

Here's one of the frogs that when I saw him in the tank, this is the caption that came to my mind...

“Ok, I give up! I’ve stood on two feet, I’ve showed you my belly, and now I’m pleading… just tell me, what else does a frog have to do to get fed around here?!"


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George H. Wessel VII,
Posted At: 11/16/2015 7:59:12 AM  

Sonja K. ,
Posted At: 11/16/2015 10:53:03 AM  

Michael ,
Posted At: 11/17/2015 5:00:44 PM  

I'm open throw me the ball !

Sonja K. ,
Posted At: 11/17/2015 10:06:41 PM  

Lily ,
Posted At: 11/20/2015 10:34:43 PM  

I LOVE African Clawed Frogs! I bought two froglets from an aquarium shop almost 19 years ago. I lost the female about a year and a half ago, which was very sad. My male is still going strong. He sings every day.

Lauren ,
Posted At: 11/21/2015 11:47:43 PM  

I had a couple of african clawed frogs back in college; they were awesome! I'm really impressed yours have lived that long, Lily. 

Leiren ,
Posted At: 11/22/2015 11:28:35 AM  


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Sonja K. ,
Posted At: 11/25/2015 10:35:34 PM  

So how old are they before the boys start singing?

Lily... Wow... that is awesome how long you've had them / him! What is it that you feed your guy, how do you keep him?

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