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Bioactive enclosure updates, leopard gecko breeding

Posted by Rachel Gratis at 6/3/2018 8:31:32 AM

I keep forgetting to post blog entries in a regular fashion, so, rollup of past few seasons...

I ended up having to give up on my bioactive leopard gecko enclosures, not because they weren't going well but because the cleaner crew was getting out around the Boaphile door edges and infesting my home.  Too many darkling beetles found wandering around the house, and since superworms like to bore into wood, I decided I'd better not continue.  That being said, I HIGHLY recommend bioactive enclosures still, and as long as you have enclosures that don't allow your custodians to escape, go for it.  Just wasn't feasible in my 11" high Boaphile stacks.

My crested gecko is still bioactive, now in an Exo Terra 18" W x 18" D x 24" H.  I'm having issues trying to keep Philodendron and Wandering Jew vines alive in there, so for now I'm letting the Pothos fill in.


I also have this awesome bioactive roach bin that has been running for three years now.  The main feeders are dubia, but the are also some cute Little Kenyan roaches in there.  More species details on the YouTube link.

BUG WARNING: There are bugs in this video.  LOTS of bugs.  Don't watch if you don't like bugs! Tongue out

Oh, almost forgot, when I broke down the leopard gecko enclosures, I kept the blue death-feigning beetles and actually bought some more from Bugs in Cyberspace.  I set them up their own ten-gallon enclosure.  Will have to take a video at some point for an update on them!

Most of my attention this year has been on my first attempted leopard gecko breeding.  No eggs yet... my female didn't start ovulating until the beginning of May.  She was a fall baby, so I guess she's always going to be geared later in the season.  I have been keeping an entire progression of the development of eggs though, for those interested.

May 2 - 7
Initial ovulation cycle; successful pairing only at end


May 20 and June 2
Developing eggs


So that's where we're at!  Will probably (hopefully) be posting more gecko baby updates.  I know, not as exciting as snake babies.  Would be nicer if the gecko would just lay a giant clutch of eggs at once and then have a pile of gecko hatchlings, but their darn bodies just aren't long enough! Innocent

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George H. Wessel VII,
Posted At: 6/3/2018 10:10:12 AM  


Posted At: 6/3/2018 5:29:29 PM  

I was thinking about trying the bioactive approach with my red runners. First I have to figure out the issue they are currently having though. Nice video dude. :D

Aimee ,
Posted At: 6/4/2018 3:44:04 PM  


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