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Breeding update and blue death feigning beetle larvae

Posted by Rachel Gratis at 8/11/2018 8:41:33 AM

I'm sad to say that my first year leopard gecko breeding was not successful in the least.  A big, fat ZERO eggs from my female, Fantasia!  She was paired multiple times throughout the summer, and I watched multiple sets of eggs develop... and then reabsorb. -_-  Yikes.

I think I will try to pick up another female for my next attempt.  I have no way to determine what the issue is, but I have to start troubleshooting somewhere...

After the disappointment of no gecko babies, I was very excited to see some breeding activity of a different sort going on in the blue death feigning beetle tank.

Beetle enclosure

At the start of the summer, I had two females and two males remaining in the group, and I was seeing lots of breeding behavior.  One female died, sadly.  There was a small hold on her back; I can't be certain whether it was an injury or an infection.  After that, I didn't see too much going on outside the usual.

Last week, I was watering and lifting up bark and leaves to poke around, and behold!  A tiny larva, about a centimeter long.

Small larva Small larva Small larva

I've been keeping these as part of various setups since 2015, but there were never any larvae spotted.  This was the first full year they've been in their own setup, without competition from any other beetles.  The only other creatures in there are isopods and psocids, as cleanup crew.

And the week just got better from there, because a few days later, I spotted this big guy burrowing right up against the glass.  Estimate it at 3-4 centimeters.

Large larva Large larva Large larva

I've since been watching it make tunnels all over the place.  Keeping my fingers crossed for the beetle babies...

Hope you all are having a great summer!  Share some pics of your own babies.

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