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To gecko or not to gecko that is the question

Posted by Alicia at 11/8/2010 10:14:08 AM

Well for awhile I’ve been itching to get another herp.  I already have a beautiful ball python, Connie, who is ever so entertaining but I have been interested in perhaps getting a gecko.  I’ve been leaning towards Leopard Geckos but I just discovered Crested Geckos, which just are the coolest looking guys!!  Now you’re probably think ‘Why haven’t you bought one yet’ right?  Because they’re both super easy!! And I know this from experience with Leopard Geckos but I have never had a Crested Gecko. 


BUT the issue is not if I could take care of them or not but if I have room for another big tank.  Of course I do at my house but I spend a majority of the year at school where I live in a dorm.  The dorm room is pretty small but has a huge table that is the length of the room so roughly 12 feet but I use it as a desk, TV stand and I’ve already got Connie in a 10 gallon tank.  (Do note that I have one year left before I graduate and go off to grad school where I will live in an apartment.)  I have Google-d simple setups and it’s a plus that they are vertical animals rather horizontal because well that saves space. 


So here is where you guys come in…To gecko or not to gecko…yet…


I’m thinking get a young one that wouldn’t require the large tank, duh! But how long would it last in a small tank and what is a small tank?  I’ve heard many people suggesting Critter boxes which sound very reasonable.  Also I’ve read that Crested Geckos do not require any sources of heat.  The AC in my dorm is monitored but having it on (High, Medium, Low, Off) we usually have it on low and they only put the heat on when it’s below 50 outside.  By the way I live in Florida, humid and hot 95% of the year with these freak cold fronts that come in.  Connie has no problem because of course she has a UTH.  So would it be wise to invest in a small heating source for it?


Well if I get one now or a year from now, I know I’ll be happy!

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Kimberly Alpert,
Posted At: 11/8/2010 10:29:26 AM  

If you get one of these:

You'll have plenty of space for a gecko or two, depending on the species. You can even place a mini-heat pad on the bottom if you get concerned. They also sell nice hoods for lights that fit on top nicely, if you need it. 

As for species, depends on how minimalistic you want to go. I'm a crested/gargoyle fan as they are beautiful, have personality, and require minimal care. Plus, you can skimp on getting crickets all the time by using the powdered diet. There are plenty of pretty geckos that require light. Some are no-touchy and some are touchy. Its up to you how far you want to go and how much effort you want to put in with the animal.

Good luck!

Thundergeck ,
Posted At: 11/8/2010 3:07:39 PM  

Crested geckos are super easy to care for.  I keep my adults is a 20 gal long tank turned on its side and this is enough space for 1-2 adults.  I keep my hatchlings in a plastic shoe box for the first year of their life and possibly longer depending on how big they get in that time.  You can see the hatchling set-up I use on my profile page, it runs me about $7 dollars to make.  I've never used a heat source on my cresties. They are fine between 60-80 degrees and will tolerate down to 50 degrees, but I wouldn't let them stay that low for very long.  They definitely prefer cooler temps to hotter temps.    

Sunne Mccarty,
Posted At: 11/8/2010 6:14:56 PM  

I also live in florida, and my cresties do fine. as long as you have ac in the summer and it doesn't go below 60 in the winter. I use a heater for my reptile room because my house doesn't have central heating. I love cresties, and I think they're the perfict pet gecko.

Stef ,
Posted At: 11/8/2010 6:23:21 PM  

I love crested geckos :D They are ridiculously easy to take care of. I don't use a heat source on mine, as long as you have heat in the winter they should be fine. I keep my adults in a 15 gallon tank, and thats even a bit much space it seems. I usually take a reg tank with a sliding door and put it on it's smaller side, then put some fake vines in so they can jump around. Thats about it. The wee ones I just keep in a small critter keeper with fake vines. I use paper towels for the bottom part, just take them out when you need to clean it, and replace with another one. Once they reach about idk, 8 grams, I put them in a 10 gallon on it's side, 20 grams, a 15 gallon.. Unless your housing more then one there is no need for a bigger space then that.

Hope that helped.

Nitram G.,
Posted At: 11/8/2010 6:38:27 PM  

my crested gecko is beyond entertaining.  i dont know if its a regular thing but mine will not drink still water and actually drinks off the leaves and the walls of the tub which i have to spray down daily.

also, they can be fed crested gecko diet (i recommend repashy brand) all their lives, but will take small insects as well.

definately recommend a crested gecko.

Alicia ,
Posted At: 11/8/2010 9:25:06 PM  

Hey thanks everyone for all the info!! The more and more I see them the more I want one and let's face it I'm going to get one haha  But I do have another question though.  After looking at all the different morphs could anyone give the name of the morhps I'm attracted too? I really like the tan or cream colored ones with little pattern at all and the ones with green.  I've been looking online for a name and I've been getting names such as Fires, Pinstrips, Dalmation, Harlequin, and Tiger.  I've also noticed that the colors are very broad in classification.  I'm always open for any color if I find a healthy animal that just click with me (hence my normal Ball python lol) but I would be interested in acquiring one that resembles the tan or green coloration.

Stef ,
Posted At: 11/9/2010 8:10:39 AM  

I guess an olive harlequin is what your looking for kinda, it is olive with some tannish coloring on the sides and back. If you look on my page and ask what some of them are i'll tell you, I am really bad at desrcibing things without a picture haha. I really like the olives b/c they look natural, reds kind of freak me out, it's like a genetic mutation or something. Well I guess thats exactly what it is.

Sunne Mccarty,
Posted At: 11/9/2010 11:46:47 AM  
Actully right now there aren't any genetic mutations in cresties. The reds are completely natural, they've just been a little more exaggerated. My favorites are red and cream harlequins. And about the greens, crested geckos don't have green pigments so really there is no green crested geckos. Sometimes they can look slightly green, but they don't stay that way all the time, and its usually just the lighting.
From what you said you probably want a tan patternless. The are usually inexpensive. If you want to breed them in the future, I would go with something a little more desirable. That way you can find homes for the babies a lot easier. There are lots of people on here with all kinds of cresties including myself. Way don't you look at some of them and see what you like :)

Alicia ,
Posted At: 11/9/2010 3:56:56 PM  

Well I'm not interested in breeding them.  But I see what everyone is talking about with the colors. And thanks again to everyone!

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