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Happy New Year!

Posted by Chris Morrison at 1/1/2009 11:55:31 AM

January.  It's that time of year when I start bringing my breeders out of brumation, preparing my females for ovulation and mating, and hoping to get some decent clutches on the ground early enough to have some babies ready to go for the shows.

It's also a time to reflect on last year's herping season, and start setting goals for this year.  I have a few animals I am very keen on finding this year...

I definitely want to find a Western Diamondback(C. atrox), a Red Diamond(C. ruber), a Northern Mojave(C.s. scutulatus), and a Great Basin rattler(C.o. lutosus).  None of these are found in Inyo County, so that means a little road tripping this summer.  Not far, but a few miles south to Kern County and a few miles north to Mono County, and I *should* be able to tick all four this coming summer.  That would put me at a total of 7 out of 10 native Crot species in California.  Still need to find Southern Pacific(C.o. helleri), Speckled(C. mitchelli), and Colorada Desert Sidewinder(C.c. laterorepens).

I would also be stoked to find a variable groundsnake(S.s. semiannulata), Desert Rosy Boa(L.t. gracia), Red Coachwhip(M.f. piceus), and actually get my hands on a Mojave Patchnose(S.h. mojavensis), instead of letting it slip out of my hands and make me look foolish...

Well...something to look forawrd to!  Spring is just around the corner.  Only a couple months, and I can expect to see a Great Basin gophersnake(P.c. deserticola) peeking out in the afternoon to get a head start on feeding.

What are your goals for the year?

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Chris Montgomery,
Posted At: 1/1/2009 12:05:13 PM  
very cool chris! i used to try to keep local species, but once the chondro bug got me, i had to let them go. best of luck on finding your stuff this year. especially on the c.o.helleri, you have to post pics of that one :) as a matter of fact, i hope you find a nice pair copulating under a rock somewhere :)

my goals are the same as last year. more morelia. i hope my pairs produce some babies. i hope i can continue to afford buying a few chondros now and then. happy new year!

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