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New Additions...

Posted by Sonja K. at 5/12/2011 1:18:57 AM

On my trip out East to visit Sonja, I purchased a pair of animals that not many people keep, but ones I've considered adding for quite awhile... a pair of Timor Pythons / Lesser Sundas Pythons (Python timoriensis).
Since I had flown out there, the animals had to be shipped, and now they have arrived! Smile 
I couldn't be happier with them. Their temperament - both while I was out there, and this evening - has been so good natured and curious. 

Here is a picture of each:

The female:

And the male:

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Jeff ,
Posted At: 5/12/2011 1:23:55 AM  

Beautiful looking snakes. Congrats Sonja!!

Posted At: 5/12/2011 2:02:34 AM  

Nice, I am always curious about the unusual and not as often kept species. Are you planning to breed someday? Either way a nice addition.

Abby McDufford,
Posted At: 5/12/2011 4:52:21 AM  

They are beautiful!

Pope of iHerp and Bread,
Posted At: 5/12/2011 6:11:52 AM  

I knew it!

They look awesome!

Sonja ,
Posted At: 5/12/2011 7:43:41 AM  

Looking good!  I like how rainbow-y they are. 

Rebecca ,
Posted At: 5/12/2011 8:13:54 AM  

neat!  how big do those guys get?

congratulations Sonja!!  :)  New snake days rock!!

Megan S,
Posted At: 5/12/2011 9:14:56 AM  

Wow. I have never owned a snake in my life (here's hoping!) but these snakes are amazing! They're seriously gorgeous.

Shawn Fenk,
Posted At: 5/12/2011 9:57:46 AM  

Fantastic looking snakes!

Ashleigh ,
Posted At: 5/12/2011 11:07:38 AM  


Lillie ,
Posted At: 5/12/2011 1:09:14 PM  


Aaron Florian,
Posted At: 5/12/2011 1:29:02 PM  

They have no feet.

Sonja K. ,
Posted At: 5/12/2011 5:10:39 PM  

Rebecca... 'around 7 ft, and they are supposed to be a more slender snake.

I know, Aaron! Just the way I prefer them! 

Rebecca ,
Posted At: 5/12/2011 8:11:54 PM  

they kinda resemble retics a bit... and they have just the right number of legs! 

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