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About James Thompson
My Reptile Interests
Green Tree Pythons (Morelia Viridis)
Other Interests
Just work at a restaurant, Watch Anime, Read Manga, ride mountain bikes,
I listen to all kinds of music but I prefer hip-hop of 92-97 aka Golden Era. Other artist that reminisce those days and make music with those elements intact. Favorite Emcee right now has to be Action Bronson! His style brings parts of 80 action movies, Story-telling, 80 Wreslters, And this dude can cook his arse off!
Hmm too many to say cuz I grew up in the days when hollywood never ran out of idea or did squeals to every single movie that comes out with a horrible plot and story..LOL!
- not entered yet -
Anything else?
Just Ask I'm a very opened-mind and straight to the point type of person. :)
Full Name: James Thompson
Location: Virginia Beach, VA  US
Gender: Male
Birthday: February 18, 1979
Member Since: Sunday, April 17, 2011
Last Login: Thursday, March 28, 2019
iHerp Level iHerp Junkie (108,537 points)
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