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Jeanie Owens

About Jeanie Otten
My Reptile Interests
Lordy - apparently I like any snake that I lay eyes on! --------I got my first plain leopard gecko from a pet store about 10 years ago, and my first ball morph from in the fall of '08. I've added a bit since then! -----I love field herping, snakes are my favorite - but all I ever seem to find are red bellied snakes, garter snakes, an occasional water snake, or milk or fox snake. I haven't once found a hog or racer around here! I catch toads, frogs, and painted turtles frequently, only occasionally stumbling across a map or snapping turtle. Also can't seem to find my state's skinks or racerunners :( If you know where to go for blue spotted salamanders, or MN lizards and feel like sharing, drop me a line!
Other Interests
I like reading, gardening, some video games, and movies. Reading/movies = fantasy and Sci-Fi. "Some video games" translates to "mostly MMOs" I love my veggie and flower garden in the summer, and I'm missing it pretty badly right now. I usually start dreaming about gardening in January, even though I can't do anything until April/May. I like fly fishing and ice fishing with my awesome dad as well. But I'm not cool enough to go out and fish by myself.
- not entered yet -
Sci-Fi for me, both the 'good stuff' and the cheesy stuff. BSG and Firefly *swoon*, but you know I'm secretly watching everything from like Farscape level stuff to Mega shark versus Crocosaurus junk and enjoying the heck out of it.
Diagnostic Medical Sonographer and Vascular Technologist. ^ official title but it means I pretty much perform ultrasound exams on everything that isn't your heart or baby. Kidney or liver tumor, or blood clots in your legs? I'm all over that. Herniation into your scrotum? Big weepy ulcers on your legs? You know I'm ready. Wicked crazy bypass graft buried deep within a 500lbs+ individual? BRING IT ON! I will scan you SO HARD!
Anything else?
What has two thumbs and is looking for more cool pythons - this girl. I'm specifically hunting for nice Stimson's pythons, a female white lipped python, and any unusual woma pythons.
Full Name: Jeanie Otten
Location: South East, MN  US
Gender: Female
Birthday: November 21, 1981
Member Since: Saturday, August 13, 2011
Last Login: Tuesday, July 27, 2021
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