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About smason0685
My Reptile Interests
I presently have Crested Geckos, Leopard Geckos, Frilled Dragon, Veiled Chameleon, Dart Frogs, a clown frog, a weird glass frog. I have had many different species of reptiles since my dad bought me a red-tailed boa when I was 10yrs old. I would still have it if my mom was not terrified of them. One day she sold it saying it would one day eat my brother. The snake was maybe 3ft long at the time, lol.
Other Interests
I also breed Golden Retrievers once in a while. I don't believe in over breeding, so I will not let me female have any more than 2 litters. I have been into horse back riding since I was 6. I still ride as time allows. To replace horse back riding for awhile; I bought a GSX-R 600 to ride!!! It was awsome, but money became tight and I had to sell it :( I like to go to the beach and attempt to surf. (note word "attempt", lol) I hang out with my friends when we can all work our schedules together.
I'll get to this later
Ahhh.... movies......where to begin. Well to tell the truth I was very movie deprived until about 11th grade when I met my best friend Amelia. So since then I have built a small list of favorites. They are in no particular order, but I will do my best! Brave Heart, Dances w/ Wolves, Robin Hood, Iron Man, Bab Boys I & II, Transformers, Bourne Identity, Bourne Altimatum, Knights Tale, Lion King, Sniper, ........I will add more later when I feel like it.
I am in college for Nursing (R.N), but I work at a vet's office part time. I am hoping the nursing give me the financial needs and time that I want for my animal hobbies. I would really love to be a habitat designer for any zoo or type of conservation center. I am extremely interested in exotic animals and endangered species. I think it would be awsome to have a breeding facility for endangered species and be able to rehabilitate them back into the wild. It's fun researching different animals and what make them tick.
Anything else?
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